Friday, December 11, 2015

Dinner Party and Terry's New Room

The party at Terry's last night was W O N D E R F U L !

There were about 15 people there.  Everyone was amazed at Terry's decorations and her tables.  Terry kept telling everyone how much I helped her.  One lady (I found out later that she is the leader) came up and hugged me and thanked me for helping Terry.

I got in trouble.


Jerry and I aren't a part of that group.  Terry invited us because I helped her, AND because we COULD be a part of the group if we wanted to be as it is a Life Group from our church.

Anyway, since we don't know the routine, I was in "Joy routine".  It was the LAW in our home that as soon as you were done eating, you got up from the table and did the dishes.  No ifs, ands or buts.  "Dinner" included doing the dishes afterward.  RIGHT afterward.  It actually always made sense to me, and I have always done it.  I have every dish that can be done before dinner already done before we eat.

So everyone had left the table and had gone out to pray for a lady that was having surgery today.  They were all standing around talking, and the lady left to go home.  She wasn't part of the group.  She stopped by to give Terry a present.  I turned around after the prayer and went back into the kitchen to put food away and do dishes.  I didn't see anyone out there but Terry, and I assumed all the others were still chatting and getting ready to go home.

Terry came to the sink where I was working.  I asked her for some dish towels, and I asked her where the dish soap was, and I asked her if the dishwasher was dirty.

She kept telling me to stop and that I didn't need to do any of that.

UNBEKNOWNST TO ME, everyone had sat down at the long dining room table again, and they were WAITING FOR ME to start their meeting.

I had no idea!  I thought I was helping by doing the dishes.

In a little bit, Terry came up to me and informed me that I needed to STOP doing dishes and sit down.

Sit down!????

I can't do dishes sitting down.

I turned around and there they all were.  Every seat was full but Terry's and mine.

I hollered at Terry today when she was here.  I said, "For heaven's sake, girl, tell me what the heck is going on so I'm NOT such a Dork!"

She laughed.

So I have to show you Terry's super-fabulous sewing room that has been under construction for what seems like forever!  It isn't done, but it is to the point that we can play like we have tables and machines and lots of storage and plug-ins.

This is the part that faces the street in front of their house.  The guy in the back with gray hair is Doug, Terry's other half.

Here is another shot of the part that faces the street.  NOTICE the little sunlight window on the roof.  Doug decided to put a little prayer closet above Terry's room so he can go up there and pray without being disturbed.

I couldn't believe it!  Yes, the prayer room was wonderful.  I have always wanted one.  BUT, it requires a spiral staircase in Terry's space.  I would NOT have been happy about my space being invaded, but Terry isn't like me.  She feels very blessed to be getting the room at all, and she is.  But still.....
Below is part of one wall.  Doug decided TWO QUEEN SIZE Murphy beds were going into this room also. 

I TRIED my very best to talk her out of that, but she says she doesn't care.  Says she will MOVE her tables when the beds come down.  They have seven kids between them, and IF they were ever to all come at once, they need a lot of beds.  I would have suggested one of the rental trailers down at the Marina. (-;

So one part is for a Murphy bed.  The rest is closets and shelving on this wall.  Lots more storage and another bed on the other side of the room.
The pic below shows the entryway.

French doors and windows were installed yesterday.  VERY NICE!
 Here is the inside of that same area.
I believe the dimensions started out to be 20' by 24', but that came down a bit with the Murphy beds and the stair case.

Right now, Terry uses the laundry room for her sewing space.  This will be HEAVEN ON EARTH for her compared to that!  Fortunately, she won't have space for a longarm, so she will STILL be forced to come play with me in my room.  She was here today.  We fit so EASY together.  Does that make sense?

While she was here, Karen, (the leader lady) called her to tell Terry how awesome everything was last night.  She told Terry to please tell Jerry and me that she would love for us to become a part of their group.  We are seriously considering it.  Lovely group of people.

Gotta get.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Just to say both you and Terry are so fortunate in so so many ways and what is a Murphy bed please

  2. Joy, I have seen Murphy beds built so that there is a built in fold down table incorporated on the face of it that can be left open until you want to use the bed. It then folds back up into the sheer face and is pulled down (underneath) the bed when it is opened. 2 things accomplished---you have the table for sewing and you don't have to find floor space to move the table to when you want to use the bed, win win. I agree with Jennifer, you are two lucky gals and Terry's view is fabulous! Barbara


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