Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Terry's Joyful Catering

What a WONderful day this is.

The weather is so pretty that Terry and I swang/swung in the patio swings while we discussed our husbands and their FEW, teeny, tiny faults -- hardly worth discussing -- LOL!

Actually, we mostly discussed the dinner Terry is having tomorrow for what is called "Life Group" from our church.  There are lots of Life Groups all over this town and others, but this one is the only one we ever go to because Terry and Doug have it at their house occasionally.  Terry always cooks and some of the people bring a dish.  Terry thought she was having only 13, but it turns out she is having several more people.  She had only one small turkey.  I offered to make a ham and some other dishes.  She said, "I HATE to ask you."

I reminded her that it is OUR Church too.  She smiled and said, "Well, since you put it that way, YES, please do all that stuff you said."

I asked her last night if there was anything I could do.  She said, "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

She asked if I could make some simple place cards.  Well, if I'm going to make them, they will have to be pretty simple!

Here is what I came up with:

I had to add four more people to that set, but they are all done.

Terry came over to see if I had any Christmas placemats.  I did NOT!  I gave her all the red and burgundy tablecloths that I have.  LOOK what she did with them!

She put her table cloth on top of mine, and then added the gorgeous candles.  SO PRETTY!

Here is the children's table:

they are too pretty to mess up, even with paper plates and plastic silverware.

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Terry takes my buttinski advice, and she actually uses it.  So many people take offense when you try to "teach" them something.  She was here this morning, and I was telling her that I would get that turkey cooked TODAY -- carve it and arrange it on a pretty platter -- clean up the whole mess, and reheat it tomorrow before the party.

She came over to me and took my head in her heads and said we need to meld our brains (or something like that).  She ALSO took my tip from Thanksgiving, and she set her tables the day before.  I have done that a WEEK before and covered it with a sheet.

This is the first pic Terry sent me:

Since the napkins and the silverware and some of the tablecloths came from my house, I GUESS I felt like I should tell Terry that the silverware wasn't on right -- if she cared.

Much to my awe and amazement, she DID care!

I sent her this diagram so she would know I didn't just make it up that the silverware wasn't on "right".
Some of you know that from the time I was NINE YEARS OLD, I was responsible for having dinner for six on the table every night when my parents got home from work.  My Mother taught me how to set a table properly, and it was set that way for EVERY SINGLE EVENING MEAL!  Even the butter plate and the tea cup and saucer.

I realize that most families don't even sit at a table these days, but I think they should.  It was a wonderful family time for us.  We talked and laughed and laughed and laughed.  My sister, Janice, was so funny, we nearly choked on our food watching her imitate situations and people.

I really miss that about our family.

We don't do anything together anymore.  )-:  Jerry and I do have dinner at a set bar every night when he gets home from work, although "dinner" for me may be a shake these days.  I try to do the shakes for breakfast and lunch though.

ANYWAY, if you will scroll back up to the first pic I sent you of Terry's table, you will see she rearranged everything.  She wasn't mad at me AT ALL!  What a blessing.  I told her she can totally boss me around whenever she wants -- and she does, lol.  There was a certain function I did NOT want to attend this year, but Terry and Deb BOTH told me, "YOU ARE GOING!"

I told Terry we should start a catering business because we are such a good team.  She agreed.

Come back tomorrow and I will show you something VERY EXCITING about Terry!!!

Gotta go downstairs and set the bar for dinner.  We will be at Terry's tomorrow night.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Yep. We are a great team! Thank you for All your help. Couldn't do it all without you!

  2. When I was young my mother also made sure we kids knew how to set a proper table and I made sure my kids knew and now I am making sure my grand kids know how to set a table. Terry has a beautifully set table! And I agree with cooking what you can before hand, Joy. Why be frazzled by having so much to do in the kitchen when you can prep things beforehand!

  3. Call me a snob if you want but all that work on the tablecloth and centerpiece (which is beautiful) and then use paperplates? I can't believe you don't have a dishwasher.

    1. LOL! I think I will call you "Mom" because that is EXACTLY what my mother would say.
      For the group we are having, the fact that we are even eating at a table and it has any kind of tablecloth is very FANCY. We don't want them to think that what they do at their homes in the same circumstance requires fancy dishes and silverware, which they don't even own. I have made many friends in my past uncomfortable with my table settings. ABSURD, I agree. It happens though. When the four of us get together for dinners, we use the good stuff.

  4. I have taken some of my "good" dishes for potlucks....comments were made about the which I replied "I am worth the "good" dishes, aren't you? Now, we see many ladies bringing "that" dish that she never uses for everyday because it is too good!....what are we saving it for, if not ourselves and our friends?

  5. Well, to begin with I don't have enough "good" dishes for 15 people. I have a beautiful set but it will only serve four. The food and fellowship that evening was wonderful. My friends couldn't have cared less of there was paper chinette or plates edged in gold. Our treasure is in the relationships we have with each other. Not what's on the table.

  6. you got that right Terry! the treasure is the friendship! I was only trying to say that if we have the nice things, we can use them for ourselves, we are worth it too....not to save stuff for good, because "good" may never come! You had set a wonderful table! I love your decorations....for some reason...that is not something I can't do, it is a special talent!

    1. I agree. We are worth the good stuff. I never have understood putting a beautiful quilt or anything else in a closet to "keep it nice" or "save" it. Things are meant to be enjoyed.

  7. Hi there,

    This table layout is amazing. It looks so festive. I really want something like this for my family this year. My other half is quite into arts and crafts and I really like the idea of personalised place settings so I will have to get him on that.

    Teri Harris @ Caiger And Co Catering


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