Friday, January 29, 2016

Two New Videos: Sewbabee, Fast N Fun and a Retreat

The weather has been SO GORGEOUS down here.  73 degrees outside today.  It feels like Spring.  Hope it stays nice over the weekend because Terry and I and her friend, Dawn, are meeting in the brand new sewing room in the morning.

OH!  Just remembered.  I snapped a picture of it awhile ago.  It was almost dark, but I'll see how it looks.  Hold on...................

You can see my VERY FAVORITE part -- the round steps leading up to it.

Terry was in there mopping the floor and moving all the construction mess out of the way so she could sew in there this weekend.  Doug is out of town at a men's retreat at Andrew Wommack's church so we ladies shall play tomorrow!

See the octagonal window at the top?  That is where Doug's "prayer closet" is.  The spiral staircase goes up into it.  He can stand and look out that window all over the neighborhood.  It is really unusual and VERY cool!  There are also several sky lights up there.  I'll get some more pics for you later.

There are closets all over the place.  Terry says there is NOT enough room for my fabric, however.  Darn!

And I think I mentioned yesterday -- or the day before -- about her business called SEWBABEE.  Here is a video all about it:

And I decided to make another video today since I was feeling so good about life, in general, and I had so much to tell you.

Here it is:

And, by now, you are totally sick of me, so I shall sign off for the night.

Have a FABULOUS, GLORIOUS, MARVELOUS, STUPENDOUS weekend, because I am going to.

Hugs, Joy


  1. You are a lovely friend to help your friend....and she is a lovely friend for including you in her family activities. Love that pattern and the fabrics! ♥♥♥

  2. So pleased for you, Joy. Have a wonderful weekend with your other family!

  3. Hi Joy enjoy your weekend and looking forward to see Terry's sewing room.
    I all so ordered the Fast N Fun pattern.Love how yours turned out

  4. I am one of your followers who purchased th tee shirt pattern from Saf-t Pockets. Would you please suggest some online fabric websites to purchase the knit fabric from. Thank you!

    1. I THOUGHT I answered this days ago. Sorry.
      My FAVORITE place to order from is You can order PARTS of a yard, and they have awesome sales. Sign up for their email notices. I had to have mine go to "Spam" because I ordered so much fabric, I don't have any more places to put it!!!
      Hugs, Joy

    2. Thank you for your reply. I am going to check it out. I look forward to reading your blogs and viewing your videos. Keep them coming . Renee

  5. That Terri is too dang CUTE! Barbara


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