Sunday, February 21, 2016

Good Sunday Evening

This has been a lovely Sunday.

First, I got a new laptop computer yesterday, and Jerry has been setting it up for me most of today.

Second, Bass Pro called Jerry this morning and told him HIS NEW BOAT IS HERE IN OKC!!!!  We can't go see it until tomorrow, but, at least, it is here.  We are super excited and hopeful.

I have been TRYING to figure out how a Tablet/PC combo works.  I'm a pretty fast learner IF someone SHOWS ME what to do.  If I have to figure it out for myself -- then I may not live long enough!

Sooooooooooooo, I was trying to figure out how the camera worked on this today.  Here is my first really dumb video, but it was my first try:

No sewing today.  I am working on a new project though.  The new laptop and the new boat have usurped my brain today.

I've got to go.  It is late.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Yay for the boat! I hope it's in good condition and can finally come home. :) The video feature works great! Good luck with the new toy.

  2. Hi Joy, I am most curious about your new tablet/computer as I am in the market for a new one, too. My nephew said it is better to get the external CD drive to keep the laptop light in weight. what makes it a tablet and PC? What did you get in Memory space & ram?
    And thank God that , hopefully, the boat fiasco is over. We will need Pics when on the first outing on the lake. Congrats on the boat and new pc.

  3. I love seeing your video, BUT IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO COME HOME!!!!!!!!!

  4. You are so much fun, Joy. It makes me happy watching you as you go through your days. I guess it is because the Lord is in you.



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