Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Home Again and Good News!

Hey everyone!

I am back home.  We were gone for sooooooooooo long.  I'm so tired of talking about Jerry's boat, I'm just going to skip all the details on it.  I talk about it in my new video, however.  I'm in fast internet land, so I was able to sit and talk with you today.

If you watched that video, you already know the good news.

Candi is getting better and may be able to leave the hospital tomorrow!  She is not really well yet, but she is much improved, and we give God all the glory for that!

You also know about my fun shopping spree at the new, improved, miraculously made-over Hancock Fabrics in Edmond, OK!  The manager told me that only the Hancock's in Shawnee, OK is going to be closed in this area.  That is wonderful news because it doesn't matter to me HOW MANY fabric stores are on the internet, I prefer to TOUCH AND FEEL the fabrics that I buy.  Looking for buttons on the internet is a nightmare!  Like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  I have a hard enough time finding what I want at a fabric store.

My new blouse is almost finished.  If my husband had not taken me out to dinner tonight and gotten me half-drunk, I would have finished it hours ago.  Usually, when we go out to eat and Jerry wants a drink; he just orders one for himself, and I take a few sips of it.  He decided he wanted his OWN drink tonight, so he ordered a whole one for me.  NOT a good idea!  I wish I had thought to photograph the HALF-FULL glass I sent back so I wouldn't drink any more of it.  The waitress thought I was kidding.

I had to HOLD ONTO JERRY to get out to our truck in the parking lot!

Anyway, my blouse is not quite done.  Jerry says it is too tight.

NO WONDER after eating Deb's popovers and waffles and stopping for three Freddie's custards while in Missouri.  And the alcohol I had tonight SURE isn't going to help!

Fortunately, I will be alone for awhile, and I can stick to my liquid diet.

IF I can get the blouse on tomorrow, I will surely show it to you.

Until then,




  1. Hi Joy, I am so glad that Hancocks is back to n your good books. You don't know how lucky you are having them and Joanns on your doorstep. We have nothing remotely like them here in the UK, and as for money off coupons, what are they? Lol. You said you had some button that were originally 5 for $1 knocked down to 35c, here they would have been about £5 for the set 😱 Have a good day

    1. I couldn't believe the buttons that were $4.00 for 3 buttons that were marked down to 25 cents. I used them on my new blouse, and I discovered that they have edges that are quite sharp. You will see them when I show my new blouse. I still like them though. I had no idea you didn't have fabric stores over there in the UK. Wonder why.
      Hugs, Joy

  2. Hi joy,
    As Jennifer was saying ,it is brilliant to have fabric stores with great offers, here in the uk we do have fabric shops but most are soooo very expensive and we certainly don't get the bargain offers and coupon offers that you get. As for buttons, for some reason they are becoming very expensive. I live in the north east of England and my family live down south, I love visiting them as then I go mad and spend all sorts of silly money as there is so much to choose from. It is a matter of grab it while you can. Keep up the good work, so look forward to your blog ect.. God Bless Marie

  3. Your idea of a liquid diet and mine are quite different! And I did notice that when I lose weight alcohol affects me much quicker...not enough fat to soak it up I guess. hee hee! Can't wait to see your makes from the Hancock's haul! Side note, I HATE the Blogger "comment as". It's such a pain and won't recognize my Wordpress ID for some reason even though it's supposed to so I'm going to try to post with Name and URL. Crossing my fingers!

  4. Joy, I just love your videos. And, your blouse is not too tight! Thank you for sharing your adventures!

  5. Joy, I just love your videos. And, your blouse is not too tight! Thank you for sharing your adventures!


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