Thursday, February 18, 2016

New SFD Blouse and Tarzan

I finished my latest SFD blouse.  It is the one I drew out at Deb's house while we were staying with her in Missouri last week.  I have added a bit more room in the hip per my husband's instructions for the NEXT version, but other than that, it fits good.

Here it is in a video:

And here it is in a few snapshots:

Jerry says it looks "funny" in the back.  I can't really figure out WHAT is "funny" about it.  Perhaps a bit more of a sway back correction is needed.

I have another one cut out and ready to sew together tomorrow if something more exciting doesn't present itself.

Terry is sitting on some beach in Florida sipping some kind of cinnamon-flavored drink, so she is NO HELP AT ALL!

Our friend, Deb, is having her second cataract surgery tomorrow.  She has been anxiously waiting for the day!

Candi came home from the hospital last night.  She is going into the store for a few hours tomorrow to make sure I'm not going to be hauled off to Debtor's Prison for non-payment of my bills!

The wind blew SO HARD today!  45-mile per hour gusts!  There was a guy HANGING from a rope in the top of my trees.  I'm NOT joking.  He came down the rope -- holding a chain saw -- all the way to the ground.  I called him "Tarzan".  He didn't seem to care for that appellation.

I wanted to take a picture of the rope-swinger guy, but he didn't seem like the type of guy who would smile if I hollered "Say Cheese!"  There was another guy, but he stayed on the ground all day picking up all the stuff the other guy cut off from the top of the trees.  That job is done now, and I'm so glad.

That's all folks!

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Good news about Candi. It doesn't look tight to me. Have a look at your last photo----the back has 2-3 major diagonal lines which make me wonder if you're not standing straight or if you have a high left shoulder pulling the cloth. (Probably not helped by the same directional diagonal print on the fabric itself.) it might just be that one photo---I didn't see the same lines in the video. Your next top should tell you more. I'm glad you're sewing garments again. Barbara

  2. The spools of thread are so cute!!!
    Before making another adjustment, think about comfort. I think the blouse looks so cute on you :)
    We're getting your wind today. I feel like Dorothy!

  3. That's adorable on you .. good job! I think the fit is great. Had a question about the cottons you use for so many of your really terrific blouses, as cottons I've used come out of the dryer wrinkled and need a total ironing job. Yours always look so nice and smooth. Are you selecting any particular kind of cotton fabric?

    Hope the boat saga is about at the end .. whattashame and stunning for a brand new, NOT cheap product.

    Your videos sure perk up my days .. especially the sewing ones .. so enjoyable and helpful, but no matter the subjects, I always enjoy the 'visit.'


  4. Love the fabric and the blouse fits you perfect. Keep up the great videos. Vicky


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