Friday, February 19, 2016

Two Videos: Helping Hancock's Stay in Business and Sleeve Insertion

Good Friday evening my friends!

I'm guessing you are all out to dinner at a nice restaurant if your weather is as gorgeous as ours is.  I've been playing with fabric all day and sewing.

Being in the FAST internet house, I was able to make you TWO videos today.

The first one is about my newest SFD blouse and another spree at Hancock's:

The next video is for my readers and followers of my Youtube Channel that ask me to do tutorials.  I did one on SLEEVES several years ago, but it is really hard to see because my camera wasn't as good then.

Here it is for any newbie seamstresses, and KEEP IN MIND that this is how I do it.  It certainly is not the only way.

The blouse I am wearing in that video was made with the SFD SHIRT KIT -- I think -- because it doesn't have a bust dart.  I didn't care for all the ease in it, so I added waist darts to it. 

I've got to get some things done, so won't keep you.  

Be back soon though.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Love your blue Fabrics - well all except the one you thought was a solid nice fabric but the others look better up beside your face.
    So nice that the new Hancock's has fabric that you want to buy.
    I had my cataracts done 9 years ago. I got accommodating replacement lenses which I love. No glasses or contact lenses
    any more.

  2. Hi Joy. Yes the periwinkle blues look good on you. By the way, your arms look great. Makes me want to exercise more regularly. Thanks for the sleeve tutotial. Gail

  3. Hi Joy, love those blues on you. They brighten your face. Thanks for the tutorial. I do my sleeves the same way. You spoke about how you moved the center should dart forward and I thought you said you would show how you adjusted your sleeve to match. It would make a nice tutorial. Thanks. Also, did you make the rounded back adjustment?

  4. I liked your sleeve tutorial. Would you do a tutorial on yr facings?

  5. Love the sleeve explain the basics so easily for everyone. I noticed that you have your scissors attached to something on both the sewing machine and the serger could you explain that please. Vicky

    1. Yes. My scissors or SO BAD! They always walk away and hide when I'm not looking. SO! I decided to teach them a lesson and TIE them to my machines. I use a 1/4" piece of elastic or a ribbon. Tie one end to a thread spool and the other to the scissors. They are ALWAYS there now! (-;
      Hugs, Joy

  6. I just loved this tutorial. After many years of sewing I have never seen that technique. I've even watched Sandra's tutorials for years. Guess I just missed it. Can't wait to try it. Love the top you have on. I'm going to look up where there is a Hancock close to me in St. Augustine and I'm going to make a road trip to the closest one. Thanks again for the great tutorial.


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