Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Gooooooood Morning!

THIS is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it!
(Ps. 118:24)

Don't you LOVE IT when you wake up energized and happy?

I have some exercise equipment upstairs, and I do use it, but not for long enough.  I jump on my trampoline almost every day, but only for a few minutes.  I have a thigh machine that is really nice, and I use it most days.  I also have a real nice Elliptical because I was told that treadmills were too pounding on my spine.

ANYWAY, I have never been able to use the Elliptical for over 3 to 5 minutes before it starts hurting my legs.  I figure that is "good enuff" and I should really be sewing or quilting, so I get off of it.  And I may do that 3 times a month.  NOT GOOD!

WELLLLLLLLLLLLL, last night -- after work -- I was upstairs messing with a video or something, and I was feeling fat because I ate too much for lunch.  I picked up my cell phone and walked into the Elliptical room.  When I stepped up onto the giant step platforms and started to put my phone down into the "stuff" receptacle, I noticed a couple holes in the Elliptical.  One had earphones above it, and the other had some other icon.  There was also a cord with two pokey ends in the receptacle.

So I started Ellipticalling my feet.  I pushed the music player icon on my cell phone, and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?

My music not only started playing, it came out of two speakers at the top of the Elliptical!  Loud and clear!  And when music is playing, my feet are moving.  I just walked and sang and walked and listened and BEFORE I KNEW IT, I had been on that thing for THIRTEEN minutes!  I was so proud of me, I wanted to give me a hug!

And, yes, I realize that in a little while when I start to climb the 17 steps up to my sewing room, my legs may feel like aching rubber bands, but that will pass.  I'm going to try to do it again tonight and tomorrow night and forever.   Music seems to be the "key" for me.

And here is Video #2 from this new computer, and it is much, much better!  You can click the cog and raise the quality all the way up to 1080!  I am so excited!

Only problem is, I haven't the slightest idea of HOW Video #2 go to be so much better than Video #1 in quality.  Maybe my computer warmed up or something.  Who knows!

Gotta get.  The day is calling.  Still raining, but just softly.  Have a WONDERFUL day yourself, my sweet friends.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Love your virtual visits on my pc....☺ When I see your name in my Inbox, I get me some coffee and relax while you is always so nice to "see" you! Thank you for making time to blog and vlog... Love ya stax!!! ♥♥♥

  2. Hi your videos. I have probably seen most of them, but something caught my attention this morning that may just be the answer to alot of my problems. You have inspired me to get on the SFD bandwagon. You were talking about what to do when you first open up a new mentioned that you always use your upper bust measurements and not the "bumps"����.... does that mean that your master blueprints are also done that way?? So to be clear.... when you fill in the full bust dots...which measurement do you use and for which dots? I am constantly having to mess with my back, upper chest and armholes all being too big (wide). What you said made sense.....I just hadn't thought of that. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance for your help...
    Patsy in Washington state

    1. Hi Patsy.
      NO! SFD is different. It will actually draw out as your real bust measurement. If you use a smaller number, it will be too tight. What I have to do is NARROW the top of the pattern at the shoulder. Glenda has a video on it. I think the "dots" allow for about a 5" shoulder. Mine is 4 1/2". I draw my shoulder to the 4 1/2" mark. When you draw your armhole from THAT point, it will automatically narrow the armsceye a bit. Sometimes, I narrow mine ever more, but you can do that later in the muslin.
      Hugs, Joy

    2. Thanks for the emphatic NO!! I really thought I was doing it all wrong. I suppose I will just keep tweaking it. It seems like I get one thing "fixed" and it will screw up something else like the armholes. I will just keep studying Glenda's videos as well as P&P's books. Apparently, I'm a real slow learner when it comes to fixing issues. My shoulder is closer to 4" and about 15.5 or 16 across the back shoulders. and 44" bust. and 5'2". I have actually already done exactly what you said you do...but not as successfully. Last thing is need is way too much material for my height. At least I now know NOT to go down stairs and totally redo my blueprints.
      Thanks so much

    3. As short as you are, the armsceyes may be too big for you. You may need to fold some length out of the top of the bodice between the shoulder and the bottom of the armhole. If you will have someone take a picture of you -- front and back -- with your muslin on, you can email them to Glenda, and she will tell you what you need to do.
      Hugs, Joy


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