Thursday, March 17, 2016

On a Color-Blocking Roll

I started this color-blocking thing many moons ago.  I made several outfits, and then I guess I got bored with it.

Remember these?

 I WAS going to wear these this Winter, but we are still waiting for Winter to arrive here!

Everything is blooming and every bug is hatching and hauling all of its relatives to our house!!!

I had a wasp as big as a hummingbird in my kitchen window this morning!

I whacked him over and over and over, and he REFUSED TO DIE!  I finally shoved him down the sink with the skinny thing that goes down the center of the percolator and gave him a hot bath.  ICK!

Watch him be up on the counter when I go back down there -- or EVEN WORSE, in my coffee in the morning!

So if you haven't already seen it, here is my latest color-blocked experiment in a video.  It is wrinkled and has white fuzz on the front after I had worn it two days in a row.  Black is so hard to keep UNfuzzed!

I am working on many more designs for Spring/Summer.  WHERE are those weights for my arm exercises???

I HOPE color-blocking is still "in style".  I didn't like it -- and still don't like most of it -- but I am getting used to it if not too weird.

I need to get back to the one I am working on today.  Only an hour before time to fix supper for the Master.

I'll be back soon with a TUTORIAL on how NOT to make a blouse!
Hugs, Joy


  1. Please remember to tell us what the solutions are for the folds near your shoulder....mine does that too, and I don't know if I have to add a dart or what........???? Love that blue fabric in the first photo!

  2. I LOVE that red and black top! I wouldn't change a thing as to the waist level .. perfection!
    You've definitely given me a new respect for quilting cottons.


  3. I love your blouse, too Joy. Yes, please, if you find the solution to the folds on the bodice, would you let us know
    Kind regards, Susan

  4. You did a great job on color blocking that blouse and it's so cool that Terri had the buttons! I only color-block on-the-fly when I run out of my main fabric. Planning? What planning? We don't need no stinking plans! LOL We have Red Wasps down here in South Texas and while they are not aggressive (thank the Lord) they hurt like the dickens if you're stung. WAY worse than a standard wasp. Spectricide Wasp Spray in the black/green can is just the ticket. Stops them in mid flight and they just fall to the ground. I buy the cans in 2's at Sam's so there is one near every door to the house, the back porch, the pool deck...well, you get the idea. Love the reference to Jerry the Master! Hilarious!

  5. on your color blocking, just curious as to what you do with the facing. do you color block it too, or just use a single color? btw, ADORE you and your videos...I think you are adorable and your videos are a lot of fun to watch. we have a gal on our local PBS channel...she's okay, but you would be soo much better at hosting a show like she does. its called 'creative living' out of Portales, NM

  6. Funny you mention about saying something about what a seamstress has made. I follow a private Facebook page called Those Darn Sew and Sews and a lady posted a photo of a SureFit Designs blouse she just made. Beautiful fabric, perfect fit through the shoulders, gorgeous V-neck collar, full-on waist darts and gappies down the buttoned front from the girls to the waist. Everyone made positive comments about how pretty she looked without a word about the ill-fitting front closure or the need to release the waist darts. Did I? No! I said that V-necks are slimming. Mama said, "There's no reason to be ugly" and "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." It seems that on the internet, that rule doesn't apply much. Too bad.


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