Monday, May 23, 2016

New Jammies and Trash Top

Just finished supper and dishes.  Jerry decided to go out to the back yard and check our storm shelter 30 minutes ago.  He has not been back!  Hope there wasn't a monster that drug him down inside and tied him to the stairs!

I STARTED to clean my kitchen and my bedroom really good this morning, BUT Terry texted and wanted me to go to Walmart with her.  I told her I was way too busy deep cleaning my bedroom and couldn't go.  BUT I texted her about an hour later to find out if she would get me a can of whipped cream at Walmart, and I found out she hadn't left yet.  OF COURSE, I didn't want her to think I couldn't go to Walmart with her and get my OWN whipped cream, so I told her I would go with her EVEN THOUGH I didn't need anything but that one can of whipped cream.

We got inside Walmart and went our separate ways.  I wandered over to the nail salon to see about getting a pedicure as mine is now two weeks old -- or more.  I looked inside, and ONLY MEN were doing pedicures.  Not getting them -- giving them!  Vietnamese men whom I'm sure couldn't speak a word of English.  For some reason, I decided I didn't want them doing my toes, so I decided to go get my whipped cream.  SOMEHOW, I ended up with a basket full to the top with groceries.  HOW does that happen!?

While I was getting groceries, I remembered my grandson, Jake, is going to have a birthday in a few days.  I wanted to get him a card.  While I was wandering over to the birthday card department, I happened to notice the CUTEST pajama shirt, and it jumped into my cart!

Look, I took a picture for you:

The letters are only blurry in the photo.  I discovered my camera has a 3-second or 10-second picture delay.  YAY!  I had no idea.  

And I told you I would show you my second attempt at the notched-neck SFD blouse I made by mistake.  Here is version #2 that I made sleeveless:

because one of you told me to get the first one OUT of the trash and make it sleeveless, here it is, resurrected from the dead:

You can tell the sleeve hole is much bigger than on the other shirt, but it seems to work.  I don't think it looks good on granny arms.  I may put it in the Goodwill bag instead of the trash though.

I have eaten WAAAAAAY TOO MUCH today.  Taco Bell with Terry, and then I cooked dinner tonight for Jerry.  I always eat with him when I cook instead of having the shake.  AND, while I was at Walmart, some shortcakes and strawberries and whipped cream jumped into my cart.  Terry came over to quilt, so I HAD to make some shortcakes for us.  THEN, Jerry loves dessert, so I made some again for us.  

I am going upstairs to FORCE myself to jump 100 times on my trampoline!

That should teach me a lesson, for sure!!!  

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Al the blouses look really cute. That was a good idea to make the blue top sleeveless. The strawberry shortcake sounds wonderful.

  2. Oh and I forgot the sleep shirt, very cute. That's how I feel in the morning until I have my first cup of joe.

  3. Nice looking tops - they really look good on you.
    They make me think of summer we have just had our first winter storm - always a good excuse to play in the sewing room :)


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