Friday, May 6, 2016

Pointless Jacket and Another Mug Rug Idea

Hello everyone!

I'm back in Kingston.  After sitting all day for three days at that Serger class, my legs are rebelling at climbing stairs all day.  Never had that happen before.  I've decided sitting all day HAS to be a bad thing.  I might even invest in one of those Varidesk things that allows you to stand up while using your computer.

I want to show you another cute way to use a mug rug.  Terry's little granddaughter, McKinley, asked Terry to make her two teachers each a quilt.  Terry suggested a mug rug instead.  McKinley chose the design:  an apple with a "T" in it.  I think it is a PERFECT gift for a teacher.

OF COURSE, I asked Terry for a picture:

And guess what else Terry is doing?

She made a garden!  She sent me a picture of the first two hatchlings from her garden.  How AWESOME that you put a tiny seed in the ground, and FOOD comes out of it!!!  Terry and I were both so excited.

Here is a newborn baby broccoli.

And here is a newborn tomato.

While Terry was at her granddaughter's graduation, I was putting the final touches on these two jackets.  I'll show you the blue one on me later.  Right now, it is being modeled by Lucy.

Notice the long points are gone.  I have joined the back to the front also.  I wish it had pockets!

I washed and ironed the 40 Batik Fat Eighths I bought the other day.  They ran A LOT.  I had thrown in two Color Catcher sheets in with the load, so nothing ran except onto those.  They were saturated though.  Batiks are bad about that.

There are 50 solid Fat Quarters in the dryer that I have to iron tomorrow.  Believe it or not, I actually LIKE doing that.  I KNOW!  I have no idea why.   The Color Catchers in that load came out totally white even with 40 colors being washed.  Love that!

I'm going to start a new project tomorrow.  Not sure what.  I did download a Jalie pattern PDF of the Eleanore Pull-On Jeans today.  Jeans with an elastic waist, pretend fly, pockets and stretch fabric. Tons of rave reviews on them.  The downloaded pattern is QUITE "interesting" and quite the challenge to put together.  27 sizes!!!!  Sure hope I picked the right one.  I chose Size "V".  That is a "V" like "Victory", not like five.

Better get.  It is bedtime.

Hugs, Joy


  1. These jeans are fun to make .
    I made a pair for an eight year old girl.
    I am looking forward to seeing how yours turn out - we have similar body shapes

  2. Joy, glad your ride back to Kingston was a safe one. I love growing veggies and herbs but just a smudge too early here in Prescott. Terry's veggies look so good and so does her mug rug. I got some embroidery designs for mug rugs at They have wonderful designs to download. I have to asks"What is a Color Catcher"? Your jackets just look fabulous. You always get me so inspired to sew, and I love that, thank you. I just finished making a pair of Angela Wolf jeans which I love but I don't think the lower waistband is for me and I raised back up to just below my waistline. Nhowever the fit is great. I was considering the Jalie jeans, would love to see how you like them. Take care.

    1. Get them in the detergent aisle at Walmart. They are sheets -- like fabric softener sheets -- and they come in a box. They are made by Shout and are called Color Catchers. There are MARVELOUS at catching floating colors in the washer.
      Hugs, Joy

  3. Anne, here is the info for color catcher:
    Jeans- some day... With Joy's inspiration, I just might!


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