Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Things are Always Changing

Has it really been OVER A WEEK since I've posted here?!

I have been busy making videos and sewing and quilting and cooking and cleaning and washing and drying, and I thought maybe I should check my Blog to see if it is still here.  It is.

It appears I may be getting even busier.  Issues at our business.  Employee leaving to move to another town.  We have had an ad in the paper for weeks, but NOBODY has applied for the job.  It has always been like that down here.  People just do not want to work.  If they DO want to, they already are.  When that happens, I become the "new employee".  The work HAS to be done, or the money quits coming in. Businesses are like that.

So unless you would like to learn how to bill Medicare and Medicaid for wheelchairs and pull-ups, I doubt I'll be making videos for awhile.

I do have a few new videos I made after my last blog post.  I think these automatically go to most of you, but if you haven't seen them, here they are:

This one is about a mistake that turned into a good thing, but then it turned into a bad thing.

Here is a picture of the blouse after I got the facing on it.  I really liked it.  There was a huge problem created by that tuck, however, and it ruined the blouse.  Notice in the picture that the shoulder seam is already where it needs to be before the sleeve has been sewn on.  Not good!  I found a cure for the problem and I believe it is in one of these videos.

 I think I talk about the Jalie jeans in the following video.  They are also in the trash with the blouse.  Notice how much of a sway back tuck I had to take in the back waist:

I took the tuck, and that solved the problem of the waistband.  ONLY PROBLEM then was the pants would NOT stay up.  They kept falling down.  UGH!  I hate that.

In the next video, I talk about notions storage, pattern weights and show you the CUTEST mugs and boxes I got from Deb.

In the next video, I evidently look up at the ceiling and wonder what on earth I'm doing!  Not really.  This one is all about quilting and some fantastic new videos I found on Doodling.

This next video introduces to my new quilt.  Can't remember what else is in it.  

And HERE is the first row of my new quilt.

KEEP IN MIND that the butterflies are not done.  They have to be stitched around and details put into each one.  Every butterly has those feeler things that come off their heads.  Maybe they are ears.  I am loving this quilt so far because of the Spring colors, so bright and cheery.

And I have to go now.  Have to get ready to go to work tomorrow.  That takes a whole different "me" if you know what I mean.

Be back SOMEday -- hopefully, soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Love the blue fabric that your blouses are made from and the last one fit perfect. Vicky

  2. With regard to the Jalie jeans: I have similar sway back problem as well as needing higher rise in back. I altered the back waistband by about 3 inches taller, reduced width about 1" and made the elastic smaller. I just quartered the elastic and stretched to fit band. I love these jeans. Of course on my mature figure I don't tuck tops and only wear tops that cover my butt. I also take out a wedge in back leg to remove under butt wrinkles. Why not try again with appropriate adjustments? This really is a good sleek "Jean".

  3. Joy, love your new hair color and style! Makes you look younger! Also like both blouses. You are the master blouse maker! Margaret

  4. Joy sorry about the Wadders - I liked the blouse fabric very pretty.
    Like your hair.
    I have a big difference between waist and hip and did wonder if I made these jeans to fit the waist whether I would get get them over the hips lol.
    I guess I will just have to them out for myself

  5. Looking forward to your next posting. Sorry you are having to work at a real job...Regarding Sure Fit, do you think someone who doesn't like to read & is poor in math can learn to use the pattern adjustments? Retail patterns rarely fit well. Thanks for your advice.

    1. No. It takes a lot of concentration, reading and watching videos. Very easy to make mistakes without the "study time". How To instruction books come with each package, and you have to read them.


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