Thursday, July 7, 2016

Back at Work and a Notion Review

Hello everybody!

Some of you have asked what happened to me and asked if I will be back.

Well, I am back tonight.

This was a really good day.  I am having to RElearn so many things, and I am hoping that all the sewing/fitting/quilting things I've learned don't fall out of my head as I fill it with new information.  I used to do all the jobs when we started this business, but that was a looooooooooooooooong time ago.  Things change, and in our business, they can change every time you turn around!

You may remember that Phylly works for our business at our Oklahoma City location.  I have talked to her several times, and she is going to help me with some of the duties I am taking on while Candi is gone due to back surgery.

Everyone seems to be getting used to me showing up each day.  The first day, I felt VERY unwelcome in my own store.  Terry was there today, and that was really nice.  Everybody seemed happier today for some reason.  I wish I could bottle the secret potion!

I made you a video and it has a tutorial in it.  Here it is if anyone is interested in some gardening advice:

And if that didn't put you to sleep, you did better than I did watching it, lol.

I need some dessert.

Actually, I probably need some exercise!  I worked all day though and my body is saying, "NO WAY, JOSE'!"

Diana is coming tomorrow, and Terry and I are so excited.  I have to go to work in the morning, but I can come home early.  Candi will be there next Monday and Tuesday, but that is all.  She has surgery on Wednesday.  Diana can do Terry's hair first, and then she can do mine, and then we can play.  I need to take something out for dinner tomorrow night.

Two things to do.  Better get!

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hey Joy, Aiden and I just watched your video of your new bed. He laughed at your comment about moving your "butt"! He said that I needed a bed like your's and I agree! I will put it on my bucket list. Hope all is well. Love you, Margaret

  2. Those Sphinx pins are a great idea. You have again inspired me to wrap all my fabric and place on shelves. Thanks. I hope you enjoy working again even it is for a short time.

  3. Joy great idea with the sphinx pins. For the other fabric that is difficult to pin could you use the paper clips with the colorful coating, they also come in different sizes. Vicky

  4. Hi there, from North Arlington, TX! I found your YouTube videos a few days ago, then your blog. I love the blouses you make. I make my summer blouses too, but a different pattern. Joann's has Simplicity patterns on for $1.99 so I ran over there this morning and got 8053, 8170, and 8172. Looking forward to stitching these up. Hope you are having a great weekend! Barb


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