Thursday, July 14, 2016

VLOG and a New Gadget

I am on my lunch break right now at work, so thought I would do a real quick blog post for you.

All is well.  Jerry has been NO help at all.  He is hardly ever here at the store.  He has to go all over the place to evaluate patients in their homes for electric wheelchairs.   Fortunately, I can always reach him by phone.

Candi is having her surgery today -- maybe right now.  I haven't heard from her since early this morning.  Please pray with me for a supernatural touch from God for fast, complete healing.  All of us here love her and miss her.

Here is a little video from yesterday if you are interested.  I show a new gadget in it:

I've got tons of papers on my desk, and I need to get back to it.

Might get to go home early again tomorrow if Jerry actually shows up for work.  We shall see.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy
    Love that blouse you're wearing. Did you make it?

  2. Yes, I did make it. It is a Peggy Sager's pattern revised and made with Sure-fit Designs. Thanks.

  3. I love my supreme slider for quilting everything moves so much easier.
    Like the colour of your shirt that you are wearing today.

  4. Hi Joy
    Me again. I forgot to ask you if the blouse has a vertical and horizontal stripe added. Looks that way instead of the fabric pattern. Neat idea.

    1. Yes there is a black flange I added. It is in the princess seams and yoke.

  5. Joy, thank you so much for your videos-I really enjoy them!!

  6. Hi Joy! I saw your video about making pattern weights from Hex Nuts. Take a look at my blog, and see the weights I made.

    Barb in Arlington, TX

  7. Joy, I have a quick question: what size of half square triangle are you making for your triangle swap. Edyta has several patterns using them (I have most of them) and they do not mention the size of triangle you are supposed to use. However, I noticed on her website where she had 2" papers listed and I was wondering if that is the size she uses and are you going to use yours to make one of her patterns. Thanks, from SR in SC.


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