Saturday, August 20, 2016

Rainy Day and Really Tall Grass

There is SOME button or area on this laptop that I accidentally hit with my wrist every once in awhile, and it completely erases all I have typed.  I cannot MAKE it happen no matter what I press on.  UGH!  If any of you happen to know HOW I am doing that, please let me know.  It happens when I rest my left wrist down on the laptop -- but not if I do it on purpose.

if I can keep my words from disappearing,
I was saying that it has rained a lot yesterday and today and maybe for several more days.

It is a welcome rain but our grass is SO HIGH, and the man who is supposed to show up every other week to mow it never shows up.  I have called him and texted him.  No response.

Looks like Jerry is going to have to get the mower out -- like it or not -- but he can't while it is raining.

I planned on having a new video for you today, and I was really excited about it, but plans kept changing and then they just didn't happen at all.  I stopped the owl project and cleaned off a mountain of stuff from one of my cutting tables, prepared a sewing project, and then nothing.  I was really upset about it because I didn't know WHAT happened, and I had made so many plans including ignoring my husband.  I told him I had to get ready for company in my quilt room.  We were going to sew and make a video.  I spent most of the morning preparing.  

I've decided that I expect too much from relationships.  I expect that other people think like I do and when they say something will happen at a certain time, that I can count on that happening.  Or, at the very least, a phone call saying "the reason I'm not showing up when I said I would is....".  Our day had already been cut in half due an unexpected occurrence that couldn't be helped.  At least, I knew about that one.

I got notice 45 minutes late that a better offer had come up, and it would be even later still, but by then I had convinced myself that the person just didn't give a ****, and I couldn't quell the tears.

Soooooooooooo, it is back to the owls tomorrow morning after church.  I'll make plans to meet with MYSELF and I WILL show up.  I am going to finish those owls tomorrow, at least, the quilting part. I would love to put Edyta's quilt on, but it has quite a ways to go before it will be ready.  I think I'll go back to making clothes for awhile except for my triangle friendship top.

OH, I have the butterfly quilt too.  SO MUCH TO DO, but that is a good thing.

Princess Di WAS going to come today, but she couldn't come due to thunderstorms, heavy rain and lightning.  She let me know first thing this morning, and I totally agreed.  I don't drive in that weather either.  Don't know when I'll see her again.  It is supposed to rain all week.

Yesterday, I received my birthday gift from Jolene.  I would show you a picture of it, but our internet is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooooooooooow right now, I can't upload a pic. Come back tomorrow, and I will show you all the fun stuff Jolene sent me for my birthday.  It is easier to do upstairs then in my bed, where I am right now.

Blessed Sunday to you all!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy, you need a day of rest from your mind running faster and faster with ideas of the things you feel must get done. You have to realize your time for projects has been cut into with being back to work. Take a retreat with God. Just sit and BE. You will get so much more completed when you stop to just be every week. Remember God rested after six days of creation. If you're at the house with the swing take your coffee swing and just be.

  2. Hi Joy. I do that too with the keyboard. What you're doing is hitting the Windows key and another key simultaneously to remove what you just typed. You're doing it so fast you don't know which extra key you hit so it's difficult to replicate. Do you know about Control z? Ctrl Z. It means "undo" to the keyboard. You hold down the Ctrl key and hit the z key. This will undo your last action to go back. You can even do it many times in a row to undo several actions. It's very handy and will usually fix your problem when you do that. Too bad we can't do that with life right? Like when you put blue marker on your quilt you could say, "Whoops!" Ctrl Z undo!! Only if it were that easy. �� I sent you a message on FB.

  3. Joy, I am sorry about those who don't mind ruining your day! That sort of thing is maddening. I decided a long time ago, that I would allow that sort of thing maybe twice, if I liked the person and wanted them in my life. However, it is disrespectful and inconsiderate for someone to make a mess of your day. What I started doing, if someone repeatedly cancelled, was to tell them to let me know when they could, for certain, do an activity with me. Actually I told a sister of mine that very thing, she came right back with a date and time and all worked out great. Put it back on them. If they really want to do the activity, they will make time. If they don't come up with a suggestion, then you know they didn't want to do it in the first place, so get on down the road and be happy.

  4. Hi Joy I'm trying this for a third time. I kept losing everything. Anyway, I'm sorry you got stood up. If I lived close to you i would be at your house everyday you let me. My house is to small for me to sew during the day because my husband sleeps during the day because he works midnight. I love to make quilts(I'm not good at it but I try) just wanted to tell you I enjoy your videos and blogs. Keep up the good work. God Bless


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