Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Cuatro Quilters Gather and We Add One More

Good morning everyone!

I am sorry I haven't had much time for blogging lately.  SO MUCH going on at work and at home -- all good -- but hard to break away for my hobbies lately.

This past weekend was SURPRISES ALL AROUND!  Jerry's 70th birthday and a visit from Jolene made it a thrill-a-minute ride that kept us either laughing or crying all weekend long.

I did make three videos of various parts of the weekend that you may have already seen.  Just in case, I will put them here for you to see.

#1:  Jolene and I are alone on the patio discussing plans to meet the other girls.

#2:  We are gathered in the kitchen the morning of the surprise dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and I am teaching Lauren how to use the video camera just in case I am not there at the restaurant table before Jolene gets there.  Jerry is SURE something is going to go wrong!  Then the big reveal.

#3:  The next day when all of the Cuatro Quilters gather in my sewing room, and we add one more, making it the Cinco Quilters!  We all adore the new addition even though she hasn't started her first quilt yet.
Someone commented about "poor Jerry". " It was HIS birthday."

Jerry's birthday was Friday night.  We had a great celebration here at home for him.  The Saturday night dinner always was about Jolene coming from Florida.  We just used Jerry's birthday for the disguise.  Jerry enjoyed the entire weekend just as much as the rest of us.  He had John to fish with while we girls played.  PERFECT!

And I have BIG NEWS on top of all that for you, so come back.

Have to get showered, slap a face on and get to work.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy, Sure have missed your blog. What would you think about using a plastic bottle (like they use for ketchup and mustard - a squirt bottle) for inserting the filling in those cell phone holders? Just a thought! See ya! Teresa from WV

  2. When I made those cell phone stands a few years ago I used a small (3 oz size) paper cup to fill them. The cup can be pinched into a pour spout that actually puts the lizard litter in the project instead of all around the project. Easy peasy...

  3. Joy,
    I seen your mug rug video today on youtube, I plan on making some for gifts. I aways thought you had to pay bundels for patterns. I really enjoyed your

    Video, your so happy and up lifting, I am making a poka dot quilt, at this moment,I am not a professional, this will be my first big one.wondering if I could ask your advise on it?

    Julie Litz

    1. Of course, Julie. What would you like to know?

  4. Dear Joy, the weekend looks like you all had a wonderful time including Jerry. Please tell him Hapoy Birthday from me, too, even though he doesn't know me. I certainly feel like I know him. Your quilt is beautiful and I agree about the pinkish purple for the border, although I also like the blue, but it may be very different in person. Anyway it is lovely, can't wait to see the finished quilt. All the other quilts are also lovely. Oh how I wished I lived close so I could join you for all the fun. You so inspired me that I am kind of making my first quilt. It is a small one and the blocks are seasons for each month, however it is hand embroidery for each block (red work). We'll see how the piecing goes. I do miss that you are not with us as much but it sounds like you are really getting your business ship shape. Love ya.

  5. I am green with envy! What a wonderful gathering you girls had. The cell phone thing is cute, I will see if I can find that pattern. Joy, your half square triangle quilt top is gorgeous. So many pretty thing, good friends, sewing, nothing better!


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