Thursday, October 20, 2016

Quilt Computer Install and Love Lit Diamonds

Hi everyone!

You say you want to know about my Quilt Path installation yesterday.

Well, the truth is, I have had better days.  The lady came without some of the tools she needed.  I had to go over to Jerry's barn to get some for her.  She told me we had just made things too tight, or she wouldn't NEED those tools.  With the proper wrench, the task was very simple and quick.

I asked questions she didn't know the answer to, and she had trouble with the software.  I was nearly in tears because it was a long time wasted, but fought them back.

Then she guffawed at the way I was loading my quilt, and informed me that SHE did it VERY different.  I was nice and asked her to show me HER way.  I thought HER way was fast and sloppy.  I wanted to fix it so my quilt/batting/back were straight and even and the pins were end-to-end the way I like them, but she seemed to be in a huge hurry to leave.  She didn't think it was necessary to even center any of the layers.  I wanted to be sure I got that quilt done because she had promised me we would do it, so I didn't argue with her.

She arrived at 10:30 in the morning, and she left at 3:30.  I sure wouldn't call that a whole day.  Plus, we took a break for lunch that I fixed.  That is LESS than five hours for $500.  She had to drive 4 hours to and from my house, but I can't help where she lives and that she is the ONLY Oklahoma sales rep.  She chooses to do that.  I told her before she came that she was welcome to spend the night.

Maybe all installs are like that.  I can only talk about this one.

She did say I could call her as she was driving, but I could have done that anyway.  Customer service is supposed to be the big PLUS with APQS.

OTHER THAN ALL OF THAT, I am happy with the Quilt Path, and I intend to learn EVERYTHING it does.  I still have to arrange all the cords and wires because she thought I should do that myself.  I'll get Jerry to help me as he excels at massive wire confusion.

The good news is Love Lit Diamonds is all done except for binding, and it was done using the Quilt Path.  The panto on it is called Damask, and the installer actually told me about it.  I do appreciate the time she took to tell me about that and how to get it.

Here is a picture of it:

So the Cuatro Quilters adventure is OVER!

Sadly, it was a journey without a perfect ending.

I have found all through my life that the ONLY way any two people can remain friends -- as in marriage -- is to FORGIVE, FORGIVE, FORGIVE.

Get over the bad stuff, and dwell on the good stuff.

Tell the truth.

Believe in each other.

Trust each other.

Defend each other.

And ALWAYS be willing to say "I'm sorry".

Love Lit Diamonds will forever be a quilt with the hearts of four friends intertwined -- if only for a few short months.  I truly love each of them, and I will cherish this quilt until it is thread bare.

Hubby is home!

Be back soon with Quilt Path stuff.  Have to work tomorrow though.

Hugs, Joy


  1. How are (were) the cuatro quilters please, have I missed something, I don't understand.

  2. I dont understand either. what happened?

  3. love the quilting. maybe you should send a copy of this blog to apqs. they would love the install review.

  4. Dear Joy: Don't let someone like that upset you. It is not worth it. You can do and should do a couple of things.
    first, you need to file a complaint to BBB and with her company.. Her attitude reflects on the company she works for. You would help prevent future victums from her rudness. Also, I really envy you for the things you have, for your personality, and love from your friends and family. You are so lucky. The days that I want to cry and throw the towel in, I put one of your videos on. It makes me smile. Thank You. Sincerely, Rowenna [I have a few misspelled words, but I do not have a dictionary to correct it]

    1. Thank you Rowena.
      Appreciate your thoughts. I'm sure APQS would defend her. She is after all the ONLY rep in OK.

    2. Please don't think Joy practices what she preaches if you only knew how she treats her own family

  5. Hi Joyce, I enjoy your blog and videos. In today's video posting you mentioned a personality book you would like to find. Is it perhaps "Personality Plus" by Florence Littauer? I found it and others by her on Amazon. This title was available for the Kindle and in other formats. I tried to comment on the video but have been having issues trying to do that (with other YouTube videos too, not just yours).

    1. That certainly sounds like it! I will check to see. THANK YOU!

  6. Joy so happy to hear about your friends putting aside differences and moving on good for all of you as life is too short. I love the quilt behind you on today's video ( October 24). Will you share info about it as I like it as well as Love Lit Diamonds. Thanks Denise


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