Saturday, November 5, 2016

Friday Night VLOG - Jamie Wallen - Lots of Videos

Hello my sweet internet family!

I seem to find it easier to make short videos (VLOG's) these days, so let me show you the one I made last night.

Here it is:

I seem to still have several Blog followers that don't follow my Youtube channel, so just in case you haven't seen these already, here are links to all the videos I haven't shown you here on my Blog.

I'm not sure these are in the proper order, but I tried.  If you have already seen them, just come back next time and see how I do a binding.

Also going to make some Sure-fit Design tops!  I miss doing that.

If you are only seeing my videos here -- and you CARE -- you can simply push the "Youtube" link at the bottom of any video and choose to "subscribe" when you get there.  Then you will always get an email when I make a new video.

I'm not sure you have seen the "elephant shirt" video either.  Here it is:

It is Saturday, and I have the whole day to play by myself in my quilt room.  I am finishing the LAST block of my Edyta Sitar seasons quilt right now.  (First video up above.)

THEN, I will cut the sashings.

THEN, I will cut the borders.

THEN, I will do a tutorial on how I do bindings for those of you who have asked me to do that.

Have a FABULOUS Fall weekend, and I will do the same.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Nice to see you .. missed your blog, but now I know I can go to your youtube channel.

    When you pray, urging you and all to pray very extra hard and often for our dear country these next days. There's much out there that's alarming, and these next days are said to be a very worrisome period for America. Some of it is too terrifying to even verbalize; some have voiced that this is the most dangerous time for America in 200 yrs. We know there is evil without and evil within.

    May God bless, guide and protect America, our wonderful military and first responders and us all.

  2. love your vlogs.
    looking forward to seeing how you quilt those kids quilts


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