Monday, November 14, 2016

New Computer and Quilts Being Made

Hey Everyone!

I don't know how so much time goes by between my blog posts.  I think I'm spending a lot more time making videos these days, so I feel like I have blogged, but I really haven't.

So here is the video made just this morning talking about the Dinosaur quilts I'm making for charity.

In that video I promised you a picture of Princess Di at the Country Kitchen here in Kingston, OK where we ate on Saturday after she did my hair.

She was so adorable sitting there with all those animals above her head!

We went to our store after we ate because I wanted to show Di all of my quilts there.

(For my reader that asked me what kind of store we have, it is a medical equipment store.)

She had a fit over the quilts hanging on the walls there.  She said she couldn't believe I had not shown them all TO YOU.  I guess I didn't realize I hadn't shown them all to you.  So hard to get good lighting once they are hung in a permanent spot.  One of these days, maybe I'll take some lights in and photograph them.

And here is the video I made a few days ago in case you haven't seen it yet.  It is the one where I decided I am going to LOVE my new Quilt Path computer, so I'm changing her name from Godzilla to Gracie.

And have you seen this one yet?  I show you the first quilt I made all by myself with the new computer.  This is so cute and colorful.

So those three videos are UPSIDE DOWN in the order I made them, so you can start at the bottom if you don't want to get all mixed up, lol.

Time for me to study Quilt Path some more.  Terry is FINALLY coming over Wednesday so I can show her what I know SO FAR!

We are going to take classes in Des Moines, IA in a few weeks, and we are SO, SO, SO EXCITED!

We will be SO SMART when we get back home.  I hope to be able to draw my own designs and have Quilt Path sew them out.

Have a fabulous week.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Your new system looks like great fun.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. You're headed to my town when you come to Des Moines! How exciting! I'm a new quilter, so although I think Gracie is pretty amazing, I can't imagine owning one. It's been fun living vicariously through your blogs and videos, though. I hope your stay in Des Moines is a nice one for you!

  3. You are a great teacher and I know that you will get that machine running with your skills....


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