Friday, January 27, 2017

Back Home with a Happy Mom

Mom wasn't happy at all about the loooooooooong drive home to Kingston, OK.  She is very happy to be here again though.

She has her teddy bears from home, her fuzzy purple blanket Tammy gave her, and her warm pillow made on demand by Terry this afternoon.

Everyone wants to fulfill her every desire.

She is a blessed lady indeed.

We try to get her to walk with her walker as much as we can.

She complains her hip hurts whenever she walks, but the doctors said there is nothing broken or fractured.  I hope they didn't miss something.

She certainly likes to eat.  That hasn't changed.  She ALWAYS has to have her ice cream after dinner.

And I am really surprised to find that she LIKES to have her picture taken.  She always smiles for me.

After dinner, she wants to watch MASH.

Only problem with that is NOBODY ON EARTH can figure out how the DVD Player works except for Jerry.

The Social Worker, Ashley, and Terry and I ALL tried to play Mom's music CD's for her yesterday.

There are only FIVE controllers to figure out.

Mom has Hospice now.  They don't do much really.  They brought some equipment from their own DME company, but it didn't work and we had to get it from our own company.  Thank goodness, we can do that.  They did bring a bedside commode that works well.  They also provide Ensure and bed pads and her medications.

A nurse comes, if necessary, and a doctor eventually comes.

Mother's good friend, Sharon, is coming tonight.  I need to start dinner.  I hope Mother will nap for awhile.  She is so demanding.  Wants something constantly.  She asks for the same thing over and over.  I KNOW that goes along with Dementia, but it really does get on one's nerves after a whole day.

We both love gospel music.  I put five of her CD's on, but two of them are really messed up.  I took those out and put in my Elvis gospel CD's.  I'm loving it as I type this BLOG to you.

She is ALWAYS cold.  Gotta go heat up the rice pillow Terry made her.  I need her to make one big enough to cover her whole body!

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Busted Mom Out Tonight and VLOG

The hospital was really good and really awful.  Depended on what day and who was on duty.  Today, Mom was getting NO food, NO water, NO attention.  The doctor had discharged her, but hadn't told me until after lunch.  I wasn't prepared to get her yet because I didn't have Hospice for her yet.

I wanted to pick her up tomorrow morning and take her back to our Kingston home, and the nurse who called me this morning said that would not be a problem.

Tammy called me from the hospital several times and told me she was being ignored.

I called her nurse and asked her if I could come pick her up tonight.  She said, "OH PLEASE!  How fast can you get here?!"  (My interpretation.)  She obviously wasn't wanting to take care of my Mom tonight.

Tammy (my daughter) and her husband and Jerry joined me.  Mom was so happy to see us.  We got her out of the hideous hospital gown that they NEVER tied.  Poor Mom was uncovered half the time. Tammy constantly had to show the nurses and aides what to do and ask for some privacy.  CLOSE the door, at least!


Busted Mom out of that unorganized, dirty hospital at 6 PM.

She is so happy to be home.  The hospital had her on a liquid diet which was absurd.  Mom can chew and swallow just fine.  I made her a shake and some toast.  We just watched her enjoy it.

We had to fill FIVE prescriptions.  Had to be done.  Serious problems with her heart are causing the strokes which, of course, affect her body's ability to do things.  Sad to watch.  She asked me if she was going to get well.  I told her she might be going to Heaven soon.  She said that would be fine because she wants to see her Mom.  Her Mom died giving her birth 89 years ago.  She was raised by her grandparents.

I made a VLOG this morning.  Here it is if you haven't seen it:

God is so good.

This is a wonderful adventure with my Mother, and I am so grateful for it.  I love her more every day.

Thanks for all the suggestions for my new StyleArc Kim top.

Hugs, Joy

Update on My Mother


God KNOWS I hate roller coasters, so WHY AM I ON ONE!?

Run, run, run!  I bet I've lost a few pounds.  I'm eating the most UNhealthy diet these days.  Grabbing whatever I can.

My Mother's condition is better one minute and worse the next.  She will be lethargic and nearly lifeless one day.  We go in the next day expecting the worst, and she is bright and cheery and knows who we are and is making demands to bring this, bring that, and bring something else!

WHERE are my rings!?

WHERE are my glasses!?

Let's go home NOW!

We are TRYING to get home health or hospice so we can take her home.  We chose a company in Kingston, and they are supposed to contact me.  So far, not a word.  We wait some more.  Mom's doctors change today, and I'm not happy about that.  I will have to train them all over again!  LOL

My brother has been a ROCK through this ordeal.  I cannot go into detail about what a miracle that is, but it has been a huge delight for me.  He is the only sibling who has been there for me.

Can't hang around this morning.  Need to come alive and get to the hospital.  I'll be back as soon as I can.

I may EVEN do a VLOG for you later tonight.

Hugs, Joy

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Day After The Day Before

Hey you sweet, wonderful readers of mine!  Thank you SO MUCH for your comments -- your advice -- your prayers -- and your support.  It means the world to me.  You will never know how YOU keep me going when my family isn't there for me.

My daughter, Tammy, and I are both exhausted.  Tammy spent two nights at the hospital with her Grandma, and I spent the rest of the time.  My brother, James, has joined in, and he has been a HUGE support and arm to lean on.  I thank God for that, because it was totally unexpected.

He stayed with Mom all afternoon today because I had another water leak in this house soaking the carpet in the hallway.

My car had something very wrong with it after it went in for recall work, so we had to take it to the dealership and leave it there all day.

We sat at the Social Security office for TWO HOURS before we finally got up and left because it looked like it could be many more hours.

We had to go to a Tag Agency to try to get a title for my Mother's car.

It seems to NEVER end!

My friends, Jolene, Di, Terry and Deb have all given me such good advice.  Their love surrounds me every day and cradles my heart from the daggers some people toss at it.  Phylly TRIED to talk to me, but my phone rings every five minutes, and I have to hang up.  I know she is there if I need her.  She was a TREMENDOUS help when I was caring for Jerry's Mom.

My husband is one-in-a-TRILLION!  He is amazing with my Mother.  I wish I could film it.  He wants her back home WITH US just like I do.  We don't know if we can do it, but we sure are going to try.  He said he will put in a hospital bed and an alternating pressure pad and whatever else it takes.

She had two strokes after moving in with me, both caused by Atrial Fibrillation.

Stroke #1 affected her vision.  I told Jerry that she was acting like she was almost totally blind.  She has been blind in one eye for years, but she had perfect vision in the other one after cataract surgery a few year ago.  The stroke took away the peripheral vision, and she can only see straight ahead of herself -- like in a tube.  She can't feed herself because her hand can't land on the food right and can't find her mouth right.  I'm thinking therapy will help that.

Stroke #2 affected her legs.  That is why I found her on the floor unable to walk Tuesday morning. That is when we decided it was time for ER.  We thought about not going because we knew how many tests and tubes and needles and strangers would be involved.  Her life was already so hard.  We took her though.  She has been in the hospital since that day, and they have no idea when she will be leaving.

Some nurses are really sweet and caring.  Others act like "Nurse Hatchet", and I don't leave Mother alone with them for a second.  Neither does Tammy.  Tammy works at the Heart Hospital right next door, and she knows all the owners and administrators.  She is filling out a complaint form about some of the messes and some of the nurses.

The clamp on the urine bag was left loose one night, and a puddle of urine drained on the floor.  Tammy was in her bare feet.  She walked over to check on Mom.  She stepped into it -- her foot slid -- and she nearly fell!

Thank God it wasn't me!  There WOULD have been a scene!

I might even have called Princess Di!!!   She would have told them how the cow ate the cabbage!

Jolene would have taken the next flight up here,

and Terry would have prayed!

Deb would have said, "text me when you can talk".

Margaret would have sent me a real pretty sympathy card.

Phylly would have texted me the words to a hymn.

Aren't friends just the best!

Another loooooooooong day tomorrow.  I'm going to bed early tonight because we have to get up early tomorrow and go to the town where my Mom's house is.  So many things to take care of there to get her home ready to sell.

Mom is much better.  They drained a liter of fluid off her lungs today.  She was breathing so much better she just slept and slept.  She wasn't sleeping good at all at my house, and no wonder!  I am wondering if the doctor I took her to right after she arrived was really thorough enough with her.  The thing is, she acts pretty normal sometimes.  She gets really bad in the evenings and in the morning after she wakes up. Her appointment with the doctor was early afternoon.

If and when you pray for me, pray for my other siblings to get on the train before it leaves the station and never returns.  Pray there won't be squabbling over who took what and where and when.  I don't want anything and neither does Jerry.

We just want to take care of Mom the best we can.

What we do for her, we do for Jesus!

Not only that.  There is that "you reap what you sow" scripture.

And MOST OF ALL:  WHAT if that was ME in that condition!?  Would ANYONE care enough to tackle the task of caring for me?

I keep hearing, "DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT WILL BE!?

How hard was it for Noah to be the laughing stock of the whole town as he built the Ark?

How hard was it for Moses to face Pharaoh over and over and then have to put up with those complaining, ungrateful masses!?

How hard was it for David to walk out and face a Giant?

How hard was it for Abraham to take his only son up on the mountain prepared to kill him with a knife?

How hard was it for Jesus to be tortured and crucified when He didn't have to be?

How hard was it for Peter to be crucified upside-down?

How hard was it for Daniel to be thrown into a den of lions?

How hard was it for Mary to give birth to the Son of God, and then watch Him die at such an early age in such a horrible way!?

How hard was it for Mother Theresa to take care of those poor people living in garbage dumps?

I could go on for days!

If we toss out all tasks that are "too hard", we might as well crawl into a hole and pull the dirt in on top of us.  I don't know if I can do it; but I promise you I will sure try to care for my Mother until her last breath here, and her first breath there.

Thank you all again for your comments and concern.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Long Tale is Told

Hi everyone.

I am sorry I haven't been around much.  My life has had such a major change, I don't know exactly what my life is anymore.

You must have a little history for this story to make any sense.  You might want to get a cuppa and have a seat, OR come back later when I'm making a blouse or a quilt.  Your choice.

My Mother just turned 89 in December.  She has been living alone in a small town, in a small, run- down "trailer park", next to a 5-acre lake that she loves very much.  The place was very nice many years ago when she and my Dad bought over an acre there to retire on.  They had lived in Fort Worth prior to that.  They bought a very nice double-wide mobile home and Mother insisted that it be practically IN the lake.  She grew up near the ocean in Boston, MA, and she has always loved to be near the water.  The land was sold by lots, and you could buy as many as you wanted.  I guess many lots were purchased in the beginning and owners had big hopes for the development, but the developers went bankrupt, and they left, and people didn't make payments and over the years most places there went "to the dogs" and the drug addicts and the arsonists and so on.

You get the picture.

Daddy died in 1997 and Mother has been living there alone ever since.  I did NOT want her to live there alone.  None of her kids wanted her to live there.  We thought she should move near us.  It is a 2-hour drive away from our home.  We worked more than full time, and we couldn't go often to see her.  At first, she came often down to our home and visited us.  We went to her on birthdays and holidays.  Her place started falling into disrepair.  Jerry and I went out whenever we could with tractors and trailers and shovels and paint and whatever.  We couldn't do that as much as it was needed though.

THEN, Mother's mind started getting "lost".  I knew EXACTLY what was happening because I had taken care of Jerry's Mom through dementia.  We would go to her house and see that it desperately needed paint.  She would say, "Your Daddy JUST painted this house and you aren't touching it!"  Dad had been dead over 10 years.

We would find cracks in walls, water where it shouldn't be, broken steps, etc.  She would say they were "just fixed", and she didn't want us there causing trouble.  Jerry and I feared for her safety.

I have 2 sisters and a brother.  I called them.  One sister said, "Fine, YOU need to take care of her." The other sister said, "Mind your own business and leave her alone."   My brother said, "If she wants you to help her, she will call you."

Well, OF COURSE, she never called me.  She didn't want us there because she knew we were the "fix-it" part of the family.  She couldn't SEE the problems, and there were many.

I was very frustrated and felt like I deserved "The Most Horrible Daughter" award.  I wanted so much to help her.

Three years ago, on Christmas Day, after not seeing her for a long time, I decided Jerry and I would go out to see her and take Christmas dinner to her.  I thought I could just overlook the outside of the trailer being covered with black mildew and the broken this and broken that.  After all, it was Christmas.  I purchased a stuffed turkey breast from Sam's Club.  I thought it would be easy to cook in her oven and serve.  I took a box of instant potatoes.  I took packets of gravy, frozen vegetables and two pies.

We drove over the river and through the woods and past the dilapidated, falling down or burned down properties near her and arrived at her home.  Her car was parked under the carport at the end of her mobile home with the front fender inside the large indention she punched -- ON PURPOSE -- with the car --into the skirting -- so her car would fit better.

I grabbed an ice chest and my purse.  Jerry grabbed another ice chest and some bags.  We walked up to the front door and knocked.  THE SECOND SHE OPENED THE DOOR the most awful foul smell wafted out and into my nose!  Not only that, I was totally shocked at how thin she was and how straggly her hair and clothing were.

AGAIN!  "The Most Horrible Daughter" award.

I immediately went into my HYPER-CHOLERIC personality.  I hugged Mom and announced that I must find what smell was coming out her front door.  I put the ice chests and bags in the kitchen and followed my nose as it sniffed its way into the guest bathroom -- which was then the two cats' bathroom -- and I found the offensive odor.

Mother kept two cat boxes inside the bathtub.  Both of them had long been full and overflowing.  The bathtub was plugged, and the two cats had been just going in the bottom of the tub.  It was horrible.  Mother was following me around like a scared child saying, "What is wrong, Joy?"  "What are you doing, Joy?"  "Why are you doing that, Joy?"  "I don't want you in here, Joy."  I told her to please stay out of my way and let me clean up the mess.  She was clueless.

Jerry took the litter boxes out, dumped them and washed them.  I took all the towels and rugs and washed them.  I put the two cats in the covered porch and closed the door.

All the stink was gone, and I began cooking our Christmas dinner.  It was probably 11:00 by then. I told Mom I needed to get lunch done.  She said she could only eat at 2:00.  Then, she saw the food that I brought was in boxes.  The turkey breast and the potatoes.  She came up to me and said, "I don't eat things that come in boxes."  I was completely aware that all of what she was doing was signs of dementia.  Dementia that was much worse than last I had seen her.

I took the turkey breast out of the oven and I sliced it on a tray.  I put everything else in serving bowls and placed it all on the table I had set.  Jerry and I sat down and asked Mom to sit down.  She REFUSED to sit down.  She said she could NOT eat.  It wasn't 2:00 and she couldn't eat our food because it came in boxes.

By then, I had lost all my patience, and was not being very nice.  I told her she needed to sit down and eat with us.  I reminded her I had come all that way just to fix her Christmas dinner.  She refused to eat.  Jerry and I just ate without her.  In a few minutes, Mom walked over to her freezer.  She pulled out several Stouffer's dinners that she always had an abundance of.  She came over to the table where we were eating and she shoved the boxes in front of us.  She said, "LOOK!  This is ALL I eat!"  I looked at her and said, "Mother, all of that is IN BOXES!"  She just turned and walked back to the freezer.

Jerry and I left EXASPERATED.  We both KNEW the time had come.  Not what we needed.  We didn't have the time.  We knew we would be doing it alone.  But we also knew that Mom could no longer live alone.  I told Jerry I had to get her some help or move her in with us or SOMETHING. Mother, of course, wanted nothing to do with any of that.  If she had good sense, she wouldn't have dementia, after all.

Right after we left, Mother must have called my youngest sister -- her favorite.  I got a call the next day from my sister telling me off loud and clear!  She called me all the usual hateful names she calls me, and she said, "You RUINED Mom's Christmas!"  She said, "Jerry should be hung for telling her she needs to get rid of her cats!"  She told me to stay away from her because Mom never wanted to see me again, and my presence would upset her so much it would kill her.

ANNNNNNNNND to make a long, horrible, ugly story short, it has been that way for the last three years.  I would call my Mom.  She would say, "I am FINE, JOY!  You don't need to come.  I don't want you to come.  I have plenty of help.  I am very happy here, and I am never leaving."

At one point I called a friend of hers and asked if she knew any place I could call to find someone to care for Mom.  A "visiting angel" type of thing.  She agreed with me that Mom certainly needed help. She referred me to a nice lady from her church.  I called her.  She had been taking care of an elderly person for a long time, and that person had just died.  She was ready to take on a new person.

I WAS THRILLED!  I had an appointment set up to meet her and take her to Mom's house.  But the day before, my sister found out about it.  She called Mom and told her not to let that lady come.  Told Mom she didn't need any help -- or whatever she said.  I wasn't there.  I just know the lady told me she wasn't able to deal with my sibling and she declined the job.

At that point, I threw up my hands, and I just gave up.  I told God over and over and over that if HE wanted me to take care of my Mother, HE was going to have to arrange it because my hands were tied.  I even quit calling her.  I couldn't stand the heartache, and she only wanted to talk to her two youngest kids anyway.  They called her occasionally, and I think they may have visited her once or twice a year.

My sister said yesterday that she "just talked to Mom last week, and Mom was fine". Wonder how she did that when I had her phone disconnected THREE weeks ago!

About a year ago, my daughter got frustrated with the situation; and she decided she was going to go out there and check on Mom.  Unfortunately, my sister got to Mom before she got there.  Told Mom that I was sending Tammy to take her away from her home and put her in a Nursing Home.  Poor Mom.  She totally trusted this child of hers.  I couldn't fight it, and Tammy soon found out she couldn't fight it either. She tried to orchestrate regular visits, but the other two weren't interested.  She gave up too.

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay.  You've got the history.

You who follow me know that my life came to a sudden halt at the beginning of this new year.  It was January 2nd.  A Monday.  3:00 PM.  Phylly had just left after spending the night before with me.  Jerry was at our other house 150 miles away.  I was sitting in this very dark blue recliner on this very laptop computer when my phone rang.

I looked at it to see who was calling it said, "Mom".

I thought that had to be a mistake.  Probably a misdial on her part.  I, of course, answered it right away to be sure.


Joy!  This is an EMERGENCY!  Can I talk to you?

Of course, Mother, what is it?  (The last time she had called with an "emergency", the mouse to her computer wasn't working.)

I need your help!  I have been falling all day long and yesterday.  I have fallen FOUR times today!  I cannot live by myself anymore.  I keep running into things and falling down.  Is there any way you can help me, Joy?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Of course, I will help you!  I've been TRYING to help you for TEN years!
(Tried for years to get Will done, Estate planning, etc.  She totally refused to even discuss it.)

Will you PLEASE come get me RIGHT NOW?

Yes, I will.  Just sit down in your chair, and let me call Jerry.  I will call you RIGHT back.

I called Jerry.  He was on the lake fishing with Terry's husband, Doug.  He told me he would come that night or the next morning or whatever I needed.  I was still talking to him, when another call came through.  I told Jerry I would call him back because I assumed it was Mom again.

It wasn't Mom.  It was Sharon.  Sharon is a lovely Christian woman who was hired by my Mother many years ago to clean her home twice a month.  I had never met her.  I had seen her picture on my Mom's refrigerator.  I actually had asked Mom for Sharon's phone number because I wanted to talk to her about Mom's dementia.  Mom refused to give it to me.  I'm SURE Sharon had heard the stories of what a monster Mom's oldest daughter was and that Mom was terrified of me, and I was going to haul her off to a nursing home, etc., etc.

Sharon told me that she and her husband wanted to BRING MOM TO MY HOUSE.  I couldn't believe it.  That is an hour and a half drive from my Edmond home.  I told her that would be wonderful.  I could not imagine WHY they would do that, but then I thought of what I just told you. They love my Mom very much, and they wanted to be sure she was safe.  They met me and saw my home, and they immediately knew they had done the right thing.  Sharon and her husband had been taking care of Mom for six months in their free time.  That wasn't a lot since they both have other jobs.  I guess they were buying groceries for her and doing odd jobs around the house.  WHY the house was in such a state that Christmas Day, I will never know.

So THAT is what happened.  Mom came to me that night.  She has been with me ever since.

Her legs were swollen so horribly from here knees to her toes, that she could not get into any of her shoes.  She had on a torn up pair of slippers that were CAUSING her to fall.  They were the kind that just cover your toes and the bottoms are just thin and flat.  She kept stepping on the back of one with her other foot.  I immediately removed the dangerous slippers.  I got her support hose the next day and have put them on her feet every day since.  I took her to the SAS shoe store for shoes. Only one pair in the whole store fit her.  They were double wides.

I took her to a doctor the day after she arrived.  She hadn't been to a doctor for probably 10 years except for her eyes.  She had let her supplemental insurance expire because she thought she didn't need a doctor ever again.  There had been no diagnosis of dementia or anything else because my siblings never took her to the doctor although I had told them over and over it needed to be addressed.  I had to be sure she was okay physically before moving her to our other home.

The doctor -- OF COURSE -- diagnosed her with dementia.  She also had A-Fib which has something to do with an irregular heartbeat.  He hooked her up to a bunch of wires.  The test showed A-Fib, but he didn't feel it was bad enough to do anything about considering her age.   He was WRONG about that, but the test just didn't show it at that particular day and time.  He said she could come home with us.  He said he could order Home Health, but they would probably not take her.  She was on no medications at all.  She had several bruises and scraped skin patches from her falls, but those have healed well with Neosporin, bandages and time.

I have been busy every single day doing something for or about my Mom.  There has been an AMAZING transformation and so many miracles.  This is so long, I feel like you all left me a long way back.  I must quit.

Just know, my Mom tells me all the time how much she loves me and that she cannot believe that I love her.  She can't believe that I love her SO MUCH, I would move her into my home.  After all my sister's lies, no wonder she can't believe it!  She told me she wants me to be with her when she dies. She begs me not to leave her alone or send her away.  It is NOT easy!  The dementia makes here very different at times, and it isn't a "good" difference.  She requires 24/7 care, and my siblings are not at all willing to help with that.  I told Jerry that I can't imagine what would have happened if I had already died.  I try not to think about it, but sometimes, I can't help it.  It is NOT a nice picture.

My daughter, Tammy, as I have always told everyone, is Mother Theresa the Second when something like this happens.  She spent all night last night at the hospital with Mom, and she is there now -- all night.  Jerry and I do days and evenings.  Yes, she is in the hospital.  Two strokes.  I'll tell you more later about that.  Lots going on, and I need sleep.  It is 11 PM and they are doing a procedure tomorrow to drain fluid off Mom's lungs.

Hope to return soon.  Maybe from the hospital.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Charity Quilts on a Cloudy, Rainy Sunday

The weather is not nice at all, but we truly are thankful for the rain.  We need it here.

I have had a relaxing, lovely Sunday in spite of the weather.  My "new life" is taking shape beautifully!

God is so good to move us ever-so-carefully onto a new unknown stage.  I could never -- in a million years -- have planned all the things that have happened like God has.

I will be sharing it all with you soon.  My great anger has simmered down to a slow boil, and I am hoping it will soon cool off completely.

I keep "hearing" this scripture over and over in my mind:

Ephesians 6:12King James Version (KJV)

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

It is JUST that I am not angry with spirits.  I am angry with two people who did something very cruel to a helpless, elderly relative.  My lightning fast mind better get that straightened out, and FAST!  After all, God can't forgive me, if I don't forgive them.

Thank you so much, Helga, for your great advice and to my other friends who know what is going on. Note to Helga:  The Bible does say WE HAVE TO FORGIVE, or God won't forgive us.

To change the subject, what do you think of this quilt pattern?  It came with some "on sale" fabric from  They had some great prices during the holidays.  I did NOT order any patterns, but this pattern came with a group of fabrics from Jinny Beyer.

I thought it was boring, at first, but when I opened up the booklet, it showed it was blocks from barns in Midwest America.  I thought that was kinda cool.  I think I'm going to make it.  It would be something fun to do, I think.

And NOW, would you like to see my latest charity quilts?  Probably not, but I'll show you anyway.

These are for the children of all ages taken from their homes as their parents are hauled off to jail and other various tragedies.

There are two the same, but they have different backs:  one is green and one is blue.  Remember, I quilt them, and Diana binds them.  Best deal I ever made!  Terry bound one of them though because she just happened to have the perfect fabric for it.

I have done all of these with my new Quilt Path software, and it is giving me fits every time.  I am SO frustrated with it.  I will be calling APQS tomorrow for the 5th or 6th time.  The thing keeps freezing. Different places.  It quits recognizing the stylus and my finger.  It takes no commands, and then it just goes back to the opening page and freezes.

ONE TIME today, I told it to go to THE CENTER of the design which you do every time you go down to the next row.  It went to the center just fine, BUT THEN it decided to keep on moving to the right and moved all the way off the quilt and all the way to the side of the table!!!  I was doing everything you can imagine to stop the crazy machine from going too far.  Had to just turn everything off, and that wasn't easy because the computer wanted to ignore that command too.  UGH!

Better go.  Need to check on events down below.

Hugs All Around!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Missing My Friends

WHOA!, Nelly!

I've always been TERRIFIED of Roller Coasters, and the one I'm on now is pretty scary too.  I can't really talk about it yet, although I would truly LOVE TO!

You all have such great advice for me, and I wish I could share what I'm going through.

Maybe sometime soon.

I am going to start some new patterns soon, so I'll share those with you.  I am needing to get back to my office to get some work done at our store.  So many things, and so little time.

I'm so thankful that Jesus promised to NEVER leave me and NEVER forsake me.  I am standing on that promise every second of every day right now!  HE is sending exactly what I need, just as I need it, BUT there are other issues with other people that make my blood simmer.

I'm having a hard time forgiving, and I KNOW I must.

Actually, I have spoken the words "I forgive them", but I still have such anger towards them.

I don't ever want to see them again as long as I live.  I can't understand such cruelty they caused a loved one.  It is like when someone hurts a baby or a child, and I'm not talking about a spanking.  There was one the other day where the parents had shot the young boy with a B-B gun and beaten him with a bat.  They killed him.  Imagine the Hell he went through from birth to death?!  And the authorities KNEW about it and did NOTHING!!!  I wish someone would beat THEM with a bat and shoot THEM with B-B's.

I realize you have no idea what I'm talking about.  I'm sorry about that.  Just know I am here, and I have a new project.  I will fill you in as soon as I can.

Hugs coming your way always,

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Just a Quick Hello

I have SO MUCH to tell all of you, but I can't yet.

Just know I am still alive and well, and I will be back as fast as I can to make you more videos and talk with you.

My life has changed dramatically, and so has my available time to play.

I may have mentioned my husband's blood pressure has been all out-of-whack.  His GP gave him some kind of medication, and it wasn't helping.  He -- being a pharmacist -- decided to double the dose, and it has really helped.

He will go to see a Cardiologist on the 12th because he seems to have a bit of calcium in an artery or something.

I can sew and quilt and make jewelry.

I'm horrible at medical stuff!

THAT is not what is the huge change, so don't worry about Jerry's health.  He is fine.

I can't stay.

My new life calls me.  I'll be back as soon as I can.

Hugs, Joy