Friday, March 24, 2017

VLOG and Update on Mom

Hey Everyone!!!

We have RAIN today!  We are so happy to have it.  Ponds are low.  Lake is low.

I have a new video with my Mom in it if you haven't already seen it.

Here she is posing for me in that new blouse.  She LOVES to be center of attention.  Always has.

Making her new pants now.  Just finished the first pair.  Going to try to make three at a time -- assembly line fashion.  We shall see!

Be back when I can.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Nice blouse, and the buttons are so unique. Love it.

  2. hi joy!

    love the blouse for your mom. she looks so happy with it. and i LOVE the buttons - i have a thing for buttons! lol

    thank you for keeping it real. i spent a lot of time this past week looking at your youtube vids and here on your blog. i find it comforting that you say it like it is. i am amazed (?), confused (?), (not sure what to call it) that someone will come here or to your channel, read or watch, and then make nasty, snarky comments. if they don't like what they are seeing, or reading, move along. there are plenty of other sites, blogs, images, etc., that can give them what they are looking for. but then again, some people try to make themselves feel better by putting others down, and are not happy unless someone else is hurt. i am not one of them, and i love how happy and upbeat you are. i know from personal experience, it is not always the case, but if you keep looking for the good, God will show you, or you will find it on your own.

    i am in the same profession as your husband, (i found that mentioned in one of your vids). i also believe i was 'led' to your vids and blog via our Heavenly Father.

    thank you again, for who you are and what you do; you inspire me! i will keep you, your mom, Jerry and the rest of your family in my prayers.


  3. Lovely blouse. The colours really suit your Mum. Got to love Sure Fit to get a great fitting flattering garment.

  4. Sherrie here, love the shirt your mom is wearing. looks like a really good fit. with your photos and videos, you inspire me to sew, now to put that inspiration to work and get some shirts made for my mom.

  5. Hi Joy, it's Carol here in rainy and cold Idaho! Your mom has such a sweet face. I know that even if she doesn't understand it, she can feel your love. My dear friend had dementia and she was such a sweet sister in Christ. Boy could she pray! I miss her but know she is where we all want to be.
    I have a request if you ever have the time? I have been wanting to buy patterns online but so many of them are PDF files and I am not sure how you put them together. I know how to print them but after that, not sure. Anyway, if you ever have the time and need an idea for a video ( :O) ) could you show us how? I may not be the only one who is wondering how to do it! Thanks and God bless you and your husband. You are both ( mom too) in my prayers.

  6. Thankyou for your sweet and charming personality! Found you today and watched a few clips. I have sewn over 60 years (can't believe I'm saying that). Also machine knit and have an A1 longarm. Hugs to you.

  7. Your Mom's blouse is very pretty. You must be doing something right because she looks so happy too.


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