Thursday, August 24, 2017

We are Here at the EXPO

Yes, we arrived about noon today.  We hurried up and signed in and there was only one class we could take.  It was Linda McGehee's class on making totes/bags out of panel prints.  

I found most of them pretty non-exciting, but I really loved this butterfly print.  The picture does NOT do it justice, but I did snap one (with permission).

The idea is, you buy the fabric panel.  Either you -- or someone else -- completely quilts the panel.  Then you make a purse out of it.

This one was beautiful.  Sorry you can't see the detail.  The colors are amazing.
Fortunately, she had ONE panel there for sale.  She said we would have to order them from her website when they came in -- or something like that.  I asked her if I could buy that one.  Since I was the first one to ask, she let me buy it. 

Look how pretty it is!
After the bag class, we walked into the Vendor hall.  We stopped at a few booths and as we wandered into one of the long aisles, I saw Kathy Ruddy running with a large clothing cart in tow toward the stage.

I hollered, "HI KATHY", and she hollered back," I'm late!  I have to hurry!"  "I was supposed to be there at 2:30, but I thought I was supposed to be there at 3:15."

It was almost 3:00!

I cracked up laughing as Terry and I followed her quickly down the long aisle to the stage area.  I told Terry, "THAT is Kathy Ruddy -- ALWAYS late!"

We sat close to the stage.  There were only a few women there.  Kathy motioned to me to grab some papers from her and hand them out.  Some volunteer was supposed to be helping her, but she handed the papers to me.  I certainly didn't mind.  It was just all so unorganized and funny.

I started handing the papers out to each lady in the audience, and all of a sudden the pages changed, and there was a Page 2 and a Page 3.  The first few pages were just single sheets with no number on them.  Turns out Page 2 and Page 3 were NOT supposed to be there.  Again, Kathy Ruddy style.  

I WISH I had thought to take her picture as she was tearing clothes off as fast as she could and putting dresses on OVER her long pants.  It was crazy.  

We decided to leave the EXPO before the Dallas traffic engulfed us on the way to our hotel, and we checked in.  We were surprised to see there was a Salt Grass restaurant right next door to our hotel. We only had enough time to eat half of our yukky convention hall lunch before the bag class started, and we where SO HUNGRY!

I made Terry pose.  Doesn't she look great?!  She has lost 20 pounds.  Her diet basically consists of vegetables and apples and eggs.  She is really sticking to it though.  I'm so happy for her.

Right now, we are both in our jammies, sitting up in our very comfy Hilton beds with our laptops in our laps.  Totally relaxing.

We are going back to the EXPO in the morning so Terry can finish trying out longarms.  Unfortunately, Connie Keller with APQS had to leave because of a death in the family.  The main reason we came was to to talk to her, but we certainly understood.

So far, I have spent $11.00, and that was for the butterfly panel, lol.  Lunch cost more than that.  But there is still tomorrow.

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Guess WHAT????

I have known for months that the Original Sewing and Quilt EXPO starts tomorrow in Arlington, TX, and I tried to make arrangements to go, but could not work it out.  Phylly didn't want to go, and Terry didn't think she would be able to.  Jerry would have come with me, but then Mom would be alone at night.  THAT could never work.

So I was home today finishing my Variegated Spools quilt when Terry texted and said she was coming over.  I happened to remember the EXPO tomorrow, and I told Terry about APQS being there since she is about to buy a longarm.  She said she would like to go.

As it turns out -- after lots of texting and permission slips from spouses -- we are GOING TO THE EXPO tomorrow!

Too late to schedule any classes, but maybe we will get lucky and find one or two that aren't full and don't require pre-purchased supply kits.  I'm excited to just spend time on the vendor floor since I usually never have time to do that.  I like to watch the stage presentations too.

I really like Kathy Ruddy and would like to take one of her classes.  We shall see.

Terry is MAJORLY into tie dye right now.  HEY!  I have pics of her recent projects.  Hold on.....

Aren't those AWESOME!  I want her to help me do a better job than my first attempt, but it will have to wait.  Hers look like Kaleidoscopes.  Soooooooooooo fascinating to me.

And you remember my friend Princess Di, of course.  Look at what she just finished.  I think this is so, so pretty!  I especially love the binding done with the same strip sets.
And how awesome is the John Wayne quilt in the background?  She is making that for her hubby.  She made pillows to go with it too.  Princess Di is a FACTORY!  She shows me a different quilt nearly every day.

I've got to get to sleep.  Long drive to Arlington in the morning.  I LOVE taking road trips with Terry.  MAYBE we will see one of you there!

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What Language Does YOUR Heart Speak?

I imagine everyone in the world knows about the "Love Languages" except for me, but I'm really glad I know about them now.

Dorine, the lady that sits with my Mom when I'm not home, asked me yesterday what "love language" I spoke.

I had NO IDEA what she was talking about.

"Didn't you read the book?" she asked.

"WHAT book?" said I.

She went on to explain about the FIVE love languages, and each person has one or maybe two of them.  I asked her what they were.  She told me.  When she left a few minutes later, I forgot.

Late last night, I remembered Dorine asking me about love languages.  I decided to google "love languages".

IMMEDIATELY, they all came up along with a test to take to see what mine were.

I really could have told you without the test, but it was fun to get a confirmation.  The knowledge this afforded me has verified WHY the comments my readers leave mean so much to me.

My 1st "love language" is Words of Affirmation.  2nd is Acts of Service.  (You can have two.)

If I had to choose between an expensive gift or a card with a love note in it from him, I would choose the love note every time.

If I had to choose between my husband buying me an expensive gift or vacuuming all the carpet, I would choose vacuuming.  On Mother's Day he always gives me the gift of HIM, and I totally love that.  He is all mine for one whole day.  What do I want from him?  I want him to HELP me or do things for me.  I never want a gift.

He just asked me today what I want for my birthday.  I told him, "Nothing, I want you!"  

Of course, my 1st love language is Words of Affirmation.  I've told my best friends about this,  but I don't think I've ever told you.  Many years ago -- probably 25 or 30 years ago -- Jerry said something to me that has lasted me all these years, and I will NEVER forget it, and nothing he ever says again can top it. 

As I recall, we were alone on the couch in our living room.  No TV.  It was late.  We were just sitting there next to each other talking and sharing.  Out of the blue, he took my hands into his and looked into my eyes, and he said:

"If I could have gone to Heaven and talked directly to God and told him EXACTLY what I wanted in a wife -- what color eyes -- what color hair -- what shape and size -- what personality -- it would have been everything YOU are."

So did he ever hit my love language right in the bulls eye!

I'm pretty sure Words of Affirmation are his love language too, and I'm careful to brag on him whenever I get a chance.  But it makes sense that I can give it to others if it is my language.

So what is YOUR love language.  Here is a link if you don't already know:

My birthday is Friday, and I am so thrilled that my daughter is fulfilling my 2nd love language "Acts of Service".  She is driving all the way -- 2 1/2 hours -- to my house to prepare me a dinner she knows I love.  Just her coming here is all the gift I need, but she says she is bringing gifts.  I have decided -- being her Mother and knowing her very well -- that her love language is receiving gifts. She is a MAJOR gift-giver.  She bought her family so many gifts one year for Christmas, they got tired of opening them.  She said, "I think I overdid it Mom."

She already fulfilled my 1st love language when she said, "Mom, you tell me what you want done for your birthday, and I will make it happen."

I better go.  I'll be back soon to see what you all found out about YOUR love language.  Your "love language" is what YOU need from others in order to feel loved. 

Hugs, Joy