Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Guess WHAT????

I have known for months that the Original Sewing and Quilt EXPO starts tomorrow in Arlington, TX, and I tried to make arrangements to go, but could not work it out.  Phylly didn't want to go, and Terry didn't think she would be able to.  Jerry would have come with me, but then Mom would be alone at night.  THAT could never work.

So I was home today finishing my Variegated Spools quilt when Terry texted and said she was coming over.  I happened to remember the EXPO tomorrow, and I told Terry about APQS being there since she is about to buy a longarm.  She said she would like to go.

As it turns out -- after lots of texting and permission slips from spouses -- we are GOING TO THE EXPO tomorrow!

Too late to schedule any classes, but maybe we will get lucky and find one or two that aren't full and don't require pre-purchased supply kits.  I'm excited to just spend time on the vendor floor since I usually never have time to do that.  I like to watch the stage presentations too.

I really like Kathy Ruddy and would like to take one of her classes.  We shall see.

Terry is MAJORLY into tie dye right now.  HEY!  I have pics of her recent projects.  Hold on.....

Aren't those AWESOME!  I want her to help me do a better job than my first attempt, but it will have to wait.  Hers look like Kaleidoscopes.  Soooooooooooo fascinating to me.

And you remember my friend Princess Di, of course.  Look at what she just finished.  I think this is so, so pretty!  I especially love the binding done with the same strip sets.
And how awesome is the John Wayne quilt in the background?  She is making that for her hubby.  She made pillows to go with it too.  Princess Di is a FACTORY!  She shows me a different quilt nearly every day.

I've got to get to sleep.  Long drive to Arlington in the morning.  I LOVE taking road trips with Terry.  MAYBE we will see one of you there!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Have a great trip Joy! I hemmed-and-hawed about making the trip up to Arlington (4 hour drive north) and never really did anything about it. Good thing! Because I'm off work today to head for Port O'Connor, Tx to board up our house for soon-to-be Hurricane Harvey!

  2. Awesome tie dye Terry! Have fun at the Expo today ladies.

  3. Oh pooh.........I was there today! Didn't see you,but then I wasn't looking for you either. Did you hear Martha Pullen's talk about spandex underwear? It was so funny. I was not going to buy a machine so was not hanging around those areas. Was disappointed there wasn't more fabric. My face is scrubbed and I am in my gown, or I would look ya'll up for dinner. Barb in Arlington

    1. Maybe we will see you tomorrow. I'm with my red head friend, Terry. Didn't see Martha. We didn't arrive until noon. The classes we wanted were full. I expected that though this late in the game.
      I was disappointed too there was very little fabric.
      Hugs, Joy

  4. I don't plan on going back, and I was gone by the time ya'll got there Thursday. There were no classes I wanted to sign up for so I just shopped what little bit of fabric they had and looked at the quilts. Oh well.....Dallas Quilt Show comes up in March. I can't go to Houston as I have 3 small dogs that I refuse to board or turn over to anyone is only 2 2/3 lbs. Maybe we will meet some time. :)


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