Thursday, August 24, 2017

We are Here at the EXPO

Yes, we arrived about noon today.  We hurried up and signed in and there was only one class we could take.  It was Linda McGehee's class on making totes/bags out of panel prints.  

I found most of them pretty non-exciting, but I really loved this butterfly print.  The picture does NOT do it justice, but I did snap one (with permission).

The idea is, you buy the fabric panel.  Either you -- or someone else -- completely quilts the panel.  Then you make a purse out of it.

This one was beautiful.  Sorry you can't see the detail.  The colors are amazing.
Fortunately, she had ONE panel there for sale.  She said we would have to order them from her website when they came in -- or something like that.  I asked her if I could buy that one.  Since I was the first one to ask, she let me buy it. 

Look how pretty it is!
After the bag class, we walked into the Vendor hall.  We stopped at a few booths and as we wandered into one of the long aisles, I saw Kathy Ruddy running with a large clothing cart in tow toward the stage.

I hollered, "HI KATHY", and she hollered back," I'm late!  I have to hurry!"  "I was supposed to be there at 2:30, but I thought I was supposed to be there at 3:15."

It was almost 3:00!

I cracked up laughing as Terry and I followed her quickly down the long aisle to the stage area.  I told Terry, "THAT is Kathy Ruddy -- ALWAYS late!"

We sat close to the stage.  There were only a few women there.  Kathy motioned to me to grab some papers from her and hand them out.  Some volunteer was supposed to be helping her, but she handed the papers to me.  I certainly didn't mind.  It was just all so unorganized and funny.

I started handing the papers out to each lady in the audience, and all of a sudden the pages changed, and there was a Page 2 and a Page 3.  The first few pages were just single sheets with no number on them.  Turns out Page 2 and Page 3 were NOT supposed to be there.  Again, Kathy Ruddy style.  

I WISH I had thought to take her picture as she was tearing clothes off as fast as she could and putting dresses on OVER her long pants.  It was crazy.  

We decided to leave the EXPO before the Dallas traffic engulfed us on the way to our hotel, and we checked in.  We were surprised to see there was a Salt Grass restaurant right next door to our hotel. We only had enough time to eat half of our yukky convention hall lunch before the bag class started, and we where SO HUNGRY!

I made Terry pose.  Doesn't she look great?!  She has lost 20 pounds.  Her diet basically consists of vegetables and apples and eggs.  She is really sticking to it though.  I'm so happy for her.

Right now, we are both in our jammies, sitting up in our very comfy Hilton beds with our laptops in our laps.  Totally relaxing.

We are going back to the EXPO in the morning so Terry can finish trying out longarms.  Unfortunately, Connie Keller with APQS had to leave because of a death in the family.  The main reason we came was to to talk to her, but we certainly understood.

So far, I have spent $11.00, and that was for the butterfly panel, lol.  Lunch cost more than that.  But there is still tomorrow.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I love your photos + I love reading about all your adventures! Have a good day tomorrow! Janet

  2. Hi Joy! I love your Blog and Vlogs - always so JOYFUL! I'm amazed by how much you are able to get done! I have a quick question for you and Terry. I am thinking about purchasing an ACCUQUILT STUDIO. Wondering if you would recommend it now that you've had yours for a while. Do you still think it is worth the investment? I know that you initially thought so just not sure how much you are really able to use it. Would appreciate you input as they are on sale this weekend!

  3. Yes, Terry and I both use it a lot. ESPECIALLY for borders, sashings and bindings.

    1. Thanks joy! I'm ordering mine now...I know that you have the strip dye sets are there other favorites that you would recommend?

    2. I bought a leaf template to make all the leaves you see on the owl quilt, but I haven't used it since. My friend Jolene bought me the Edyta Sitar plates, and I really want to use them. Just need the time to figure out a quilt to put them on. I COULD have used them on my spools quilt, but I had purchased the appliques I used at a going-out-of-business sale, and I wanted to use them first. The strips are really the best for Terry and me.

    3. I just want to let you know I enjoy your videos. You are always so cheerful and you make me laugh. I love your references to Christianity and sharing with us your life experiences. I feel like I am talking with a good friend.
      Thanks, Elizabeth Smith


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