Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Holiday Hello with Baby Luke and Cookies for Santa

One holiday is past and Christmas is right around the corner.  Goodness!  It comes faster every year.  I have been busy, but have not felt really good for weeks.  Remember the nights I wasn't sleeping?  Well, I didn't sleep the last two nights.  Went through three boxes of Kleenex in ONE DAY!

You don't believe me?

I took a picture to show the doctor today because I know it sounds insane to go through hundreds of Kleenex/Puffs a day.  She was actually a Nurse Practitioner.  I showed her these pictures, and she gasped!

This is my floor after ONE NIGHT of no sleep.  Notice the empty box of tissues on my nightstand.  There was another one on the bed.  I used to put a trash can there, but I always missed it and the tissues were all over the floor anyway.  So now, I just gather them up in the morning along with the empty tissue boxes.

 This is what I threw away this morning.  FOUR boxes.  Notice that one is stuffed full of used tissues.
And when I wake up, I come out to my blue chair.  Same story here.  This is from this morning just before my lightning fast mind decided this has to be MORE THAN ALLERGIES!  It has been going on for weeks.  Thank God I was able to get into someone today.
I took a shower, and I fixed my hair, and I put on a little mascara and some jeans and a top.  I knew I felt like crap, but evidently, I LOOKED like it too!

I had walked into the medical clinic with my Mom.  I walked her over to the waiting area and sat her down.  Then I walked back to stand in line to wait for one of the five windows to open up, which wasn't likely to be too soon since only two were occupied.   As I was standing there -- first in line -- other people lined up behind me.  Directly behind me was a young woman and her little boy.  I turned to see who was behind me, and she looked at me and said,

"Can I help you to a seat Ma'am?  I will let you know when a window is ready."

I thought, "Dear Lord!, I must look worse than my Mother!!!"  People USUALLY offer to help her, not me.

Finally, Mom and I were directed back to Megan somebody's office.  She was SO YOUNG!  They all are when you are this old.  She was very sweet.  As I said above, I showed her the pictures I took on my phone, and she gasped.

She said both my ears were full of water and I had a fever.  She put her ear thing up my nose and she winced and said, "Oh my!, you must be miserable."

So I have drugs now.

An antibiotic which may or may not break me out in hives at which point I am to discontinue it immediately!

She also gave me a steroid for all the inflammation.  It has really helped already.

So that has been THIS DAY,
but I have to show you pictures of YESTERDAY when God's latest gift to our family and his mother came to visit me.

Yes, I was sick, but I was careful not to breathe on Luke, and I washed my hands constantly.  I thought it was allergies.

I probably took 50 or more pictures, but I will only share a few with you.

I put my Terry quilt on the floor for him to put him AWAY from my face just in case I had something he shouldn't have.

Otherwise, I would have held him the whole time.


I'm going to do something tomorrow, I hope, because I have a sitter for my Mom.  I want to do some Christmas shopping although I have NO IDEA what to get anyone.  Everyone may be getting gift cards.  I notice them everywhere these days.

Gotta go check on Mom.

NO!  WAIT!!!

I have another real fun thing to show you that my friend, Shari Marie, has been up to:

Shari Marie was INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPING each cookie for a Craft Fair at a local senior living home.  She said she had been working on them for three days.  They LOOK like it!  If there really was a Santa, I would want THOSE under my tree.  I told her she needs to open a bakery.

Be back soon feeling SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER!

Hugs, Joy

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