Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Birthday Pics AT LAST and Inspiration from Rhonda Buss


Isn't it a glorious day?

It is 16 degrees outside, and that means bugs are dying, and we won't have 50 trillion of them crawling and flying around when Spring comes!  YAY!

It is, however, sunny outside, and sunshine ALWAYS makes me happy.

And look what I found at Rhonda's place.  I love this because I have been hurt by so many people, as I'm sure you have been to.  People can be so heartless and cruel.  Some hurt you without even realizing what they are doing.  This -- in my case -- refers to those who have hurt me ON PURPOSE by their ugly words or actions.  But even then, God says to bless them.  God is so loving, and He knows that blessing them sets us free.  He can then deal with the offenders Himself!

And I promised you back on December 18th that I would EVENTUALLY show you pictures from Mom's 90th birthday.  Here they are.

Mom received nearly 40 cards from all of you.  Actually, a card still comes every few days.

Mom read EVERY SINGLE ONE, and she was so touched that people that don't even know her would be so kind.
 I helped her read the parts she couldn't make out.
We had all of Mom's favorite foods:  Grapes, Potato Salad, Chicken Salad Sandwiches and Purple Punch.

Notice the only sandwich below.  That is because Mom eats only ONE KIND of bread, and she only eats ONE HALF of a sandwich.  She didn't touch the cupcakes, because they are "bad for you", but she had lots of ice cream.
I went to the bakery and gave the decorator lady a drawing of a violet to use so she would know what a violet looked like.  She was a wonderful young lady, and she did EXACTLY what I asked her to do.  God bless her!

And here I am with Mom.  Terry, a professional photographer, took all the pictures that day.  She is so good to me.  WAIT until you see the quilt she just made for me!!!!!!!  (A later blog.)

The picture below was SUPPOSED to be a family picture with Mom and her four kids.  Sadly, I am the only one that was here although all were invited.  I am so thrilled to have this picture thanks to Terry.

This is a sweet one that Terry took:
This is Mom opening a fun card from my friend and neighbor Kathleen.  Mom was so happy all day long.  Her birthday could not have been more special.
Here, Mom just opened the warm fleece top I made for her.  It looks really nice on her, and she has worn it several times.
And here is Mother's most favorite preacher in the whole wide world.  This is Pastor Leon.  He visits her EVERY week, and he always wears a PURPLE shirt.  What a sweetheart!
And this lady is Dorine.  She is a nurse, and she has another full time job.  She leaves our house at 3:00 and goes to her other job.  Unbelievable!  She comes four or five days every week to care for Mom because she loves Mom, and we all love her!  She is like a part of this family now.  Notice that she also wore purple for Mom's birthday.  Mom is wearing an outfit I made for her, and it is her favorite.  Hence she is not wearing purple.  Mom will tell you many times a day that she is VERY BLESSED to have so much loving care here.
I've got THREE quilts in the works right now, and I'm stopping to make some fun notion holders, so I have to go!

Here is my latest video if you want to see what a "notion holder" is:

Go HERE for the excellent instructions at Rhonda's place, and don't tell my friends about this because they may be getting one!

Oh, here is the link to the frame you put inside:

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

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