Monday, April 2, 2018

My Sweet Hubby and Something New to Cure the Blues

Hello my dear friends all over the world! 

So many of you have sent such sweet comments to me, and I am so very thankful for each and every one of them.  I am believing for the biggest miracle EVER, and that is that someday I will actually get a nice comment from one of my siblings.  But until that miracle happens, I am so touched and blessed by all the nice comments that come from you.

The only consolation in my situation is that I am certainly not alone.  No matter WHO I talk to, I hear the same stories over and over.  One out of several siblings takes on the duty of caring for the aged parent, and the other siblings do nothing but complain and bad mouth the caretaker.  I have only one daughter, so in my case, it will be her or nobody. 

I cannot wait to get back to the Assisted Living Home my Mom is in to see her.  Jerry has been there twice since I've been up here.  First, her TV went out on Friday and nobody there could fix it.  The Directv repairman could not come until Easter Sunday -- of all times -- and I knew Mom wouldn't let the guy into her room  -- especially, if he looked like the one that came to hook it up!  I knew Jerry could fix it, and he did.  He went out Friday after working all day.  He is really good to her.

It was so funny.  I called Mom Friday when I heard her TV wasn't working.  At first, she told me she hadn't been able to watch it for TWO DAYS.  A little bit later, she said she hadn't been able to watch it for THREE DAYS.  A few minutes later, she said she hadn't been able to watch it for FIVE DAYS! 

Then I had to call Jerry yesterday -- Easter -- to go back out to Mom's to fix a broken lamp.  It was a tall lamp that has a little round table going around it.

Dorine found it leaned up against a wall because it wouldn't stand up on its own.  We have NO IDEA what happened to it.

Anyway, Jerry was an angel, and he went out late last night and worked a long time fixing her lamp.

And, YES, I wanted to go home so badly but Jerry is coming up here for a doctor appointment this week, and he wants me here when he arrives.

Please God, do not let anything break while we are both gone!

So today came, and I have been very lonely the last few days.  Didn't see a single person yesterday even though my family is here.  It just didn't feel right since it was Easter.  Haven't had Luke since last week.  I texted Margaret to see if she was home.  She was and she said, "Let's get together!"

We did our favorite thing.  First a steak and a baked potato, and then we went to Von Maur to look at new purses.

Some of you may recall the year I bought the pretty purple purse when I was with Margaret, and she bought a blue one.  Margaret has to get the brakes fixed on her car so she couldn't buy a new purse today, but she had fun helping me find one.

This is it!  Isn't it pretty?  The silver heart, the tassel and the color are what caught my eye.  PLUS it has FOUR pockets on the outside.

I knew immediately it was the one I wanted.
When I got home, I tried it on my shoulder and took a picture for Phylly to see.  She is a major Purse-a-holic!  She has gorgeous purses in all sizes, shapes and colors.  I have a lot, but not compared to Phylly.

Then Margaret said that I should tell Jerry how much money I SAVED because I didn't have to BUY a new blouse.  I could just make one.  So I went through my stash, and look what I found to make a new blouse out of.

I snapped this pic and then immediately cut it out.

Won't keep you.  Time to get my jammies on.  Jerry comes tomorrow!  I haven't seen him for about 10 days.  I miss him SO MUCH!  He had a good vacation too though, and it has been super refreshing for both of us.  I really miss Mom though.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Hugs, Joy



  1. Beautiful purse! Love that color. So glad you are relaxing. You needed that. You need to advance with this new life at the pace you pick instead of the pace of I know it will be different for you. My youngest son is over and they are watching the Final two for basketball. I have my earbuds in and surfing youtube and your blog. We had a quiet Easter. My youngest son had to work and my oldest son didn't even call. As I get older it's very hard for me to accept the fact we don't have much family time like we used to. Sad really. I'm going to start making plans with other people if they don't watch out! lol Hugggggggggs dear lady.

  2. So good to see you again!!

  3. Jerry is a keeper but you already know that lol So glad he was able to fix things up for your mom. I laughed reading about the amount of changing days your mom had on the length of time her TV was out, my mother in law used to say to us every time we visited her in the nursing home " I haven't seen you for weeks " Even tho we went there three times a week. You are going to have to have date night once you and Jerry have time. I love the new purse and wow such beautiful material for your new top...goes perfectly with the purse! Have a great day Joy! Hugs Sheri Horbachewski

  4. Time away is good but together time is better. Happy days to you two.

  5. Hey Joy. Linda here. Love the purse. I only have a couple of purses. May main one I had for 25 years so I told my husband I needed a new one. Found another Stone Mountain purse and got it for 1/2 off. My family live far away except my daughter. I retired but husband not til next year so I’m alone a lot. I meet with my close church friends for Bible study twice a week. My parents are home with the Lord. I get to see my last aunt who is 98 about once a month.

  6. My name is Sarah Green and I found your vlog about 2 months ago and I truly enjoy them. But I would like to know is your true opinion of sure fit design kits. My email is I sure like to have totally honest opinion . Thank you, Sarah.

  7. Hi Joy,
    I love reading about you r Momma sweet Ms. Marie, you sound like you are doing much better. I am glad you are better. Jerry is really a good husband. Joy you are not alone in family woes. I have the same and I am sorry for you because I know how bad it feels. But know you are doing such good things for your momma. I think you are a wonderful daughter. I love your SFD pattern videos, quilting videos all your videos. Stay STRONG girl you can do it! Kris Held in New Orleans, Louisiana

  8. Hi there Joy. I watch your vlog almost every day. You have given me many hours of fun and laughter. It is wonderful to see some on Who is Christian, doesn't pepper each sentence with that lovely "F`" word and who is interested in sewing and family. Today you posted one talking about your feelings on tattoos. My thoughts are so in tune with yours. I never ever considered getting one. Now guess what, I'm planning on being tattooed 75 years old. LOL, Well the reason is understandable. I had cancer several years ago and after the chemo my hair and eyebrows grew back in very thin. So, I can't do much about the hair (it is getting better) but I can get the brows tattooed to fill in. That way I don't have to fill the in every day by hand. I'll send you a picture as you asked when I get it done. Well, if I get it done. if it hurts too much there may only be one little dot to show, LOL.
    Anyway thanks for all the hours of pleasure you've given this old single gal. Helen, Salem, Oregon

  9. I fogot to say I learned about you and your vlog froM Glenda Sparling when I attended of her workshops for SFD. Helen


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