Monday, July 9, 2018

Cataracts and Lenses

Hello everyone!

I haven't been blogging much lately.

It is more fun to make videos 'cause I can just talk to you like you were right here with me.

I asked my Youtube followers to let me know their experiences with cataract removal and lens choices.  Finally, after watching dozens of Youtube videos and reading reviews, including someone having their iris and their pupil cut out of their eye to REMOVE a lens, that I would just get the distance ones.  I know several people who have those, and they are very happy.  I appreciate all my Youtube follower comments as well.  They were very helpful.

I will still have to wear glasses for close up, but that is okay.

At least things will be clear.

Nothing new.

Still sewing.

Still quilting.

Still working at our store.

Check my Youtube videos if you haven't been there for awhile.  I have been making Jalie jeans.  Great fit and they look so good I can't tell them from my RTW jeans in the closet.  You should try them.

It is late.  Time for bed.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Just had my cataract surgery and am hoping to wear no glasses in the end. Time will tell. Good luck with yours.
    Tried to friend you on fb. Apparently didn't work.

  2. Hi Joy, I enjoy your videos so much. Unfortunately, YouTube will not allow me to comment on them. I keep getting an error message. I am researching it. Anyway, your fitting videos have been a huge help. I do have a question. Did you and Philly go to the Sure-fit workshop or just purchase the system and fit yourselves at home? I would love to be as comfortable with fitting patterns as you are.

    On another note, we have two things in common. My first Bernina was the 930 also in 1984 and I am having cataract surgery later this month.

  3. Dear Joy, do hope you are feeling better. I had cataract surgery few years ago and I am glad I did. Everything is brighter...enjoy looking at my fabrics. Looking forward to your next video.


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