Saturday, September 8, 2018

Babylock Solaris and Super Fun Tech Party

Hey Everyone!!!

In case you are wondering why I hardly ever post here on my BLOG these days, it is because I prefer to make videos on my VLOG.  SO, if you stop by and you see that "she hasn't posted anything in forever", just go over to Youtube and Search "Joy Bernhardt", and my videos will all come up.

Here is the last one I did:

And a fun one before that:
Try to keep in mind that I don't choose the photos above.  Youtube does. 

I have some fun, fun news for you today and a few pictures I want to share with you.

If you have been following me for awhile, and some of you have been with me for years, then you know that I like both Bernina and Babylock machines.  I like Berninas for sewing.  I like Babylock embroidery machines and sergers.

Babylock has a brand new embroidery machine out called the Solaris.  It does everything but make coffee and change sheets!  It is really awesome. 

So, the deal was, IF you paid $500 deposit down before the machine even came out, you were guaranteed to be one of the first people to actually receive one, and you got a bunch of "free" stuff with it.  Now, anyone with half a pea brain (as my Mom used to say) knows none of it is really free, but they want you to think it is. The $500 was refundable, so you couldn't lose by letting them hold it for you.

So YESTERDAY was the big day for me.  I was really thrilled that it was because I had the awesome, amazing Jan (B-Sew Inn, OKC Manager) all to myself.  I LOVE to be treated like I'm the only person alive (who doesn't), and Jan sure can do it.  She spent three hours with me helping me figure out what chairs, in what color, with what bases, and what Koala cabinet, and what height, and what attachments, etc.  She was absolutely WONDERFUL to me!

Here is a picture of me with Jan as I saw my machine for the first time,
I have to tell you something first:

My Mom left her four kids a nice chunk of cash when she passed, and I used my share to buy this machine NOT KNOWING that the cases were going to be my Mom's favorite color in the whole wide world:  Purple!

I looked up to Heaven and squealed, "Mom LOOK, the machine you bought me has cases that are purple!!!"

Here I am right after Jan and a helper lifted this monster to put it in the back of my car.  It is SUPER heavy!  My son-in-law, Len, very nicely offered to come help unload it.  I told him two girls put it in my car, so I could carry one half of it.  He looked at me like I had lost another screw, but he let me try.  I could NOT do it!  I don't know how all those ladies lift their machines!

Here is the pic:
I was just as happy as it looks like I was.  Jan was a pure delight, and the day could not have been more perfect except to have had a little less rain.

So all of that was just yesterday.  Today was the big Babylock yearly Tech Party.  I had never been to one before.  Totally free -- for real -- and it was done over-the-moon wonderful -- by Jan, I'm sure.  Lots of drinks and frosted cookies with suns and shades and cute stuff.  Didn't think to take a pic of those.  Baked potatoes with all the stuffings for lunch.  The staff was all there and dressed in their sunshine head bands.  The service is just UNbeatable in this store.  Everyone is so friendly and so helpful whether or not you buy a Solaris or a thimble.  I am always impressed, and I am HARD to impress, especially, when it comes to service.

Here is Jan at the head of the class:
She led us all in the Babylock - For The Love cheer and in the Solaris cheer.  She even danced for us.  B-Sew Inn sure found a jewel in her.

The place was packed with women and even one man:
You can see a lot of the helper ladies with their headbands on.  

This event was over four hours long, and I enjoyed every single minute of it. 

My grandson called to see if I could keep Baby Boo this evening and all night, so I hurried out before a lot of the ladies to pay for my stuff (I'll show you another time) so I could be home in time.  Turned out he didn't come tonight because Dad and Mom decided to stay home, BUT Baby Boo was at my house yesterday, and I snapped a pic of him in this playpen I bought for him.  It is really nice.  I can get in it with him!
Total cuteness!

Gotta get.  Church tomorrow with Margaret, and I need to find something to wear.  My nice clothes are all at the other house as I wasn't expecting to find a church I love while I am here.  Baby Boo and his parents are even attending now, and that makes this Grandma's heart swell with happiness!

I'll do another video soon and show you my new machine and my goodies from the Tech Party.

Hugs, Joy