I was watching a totally unrelated video yesterday and the "teacher" mentioned a lady that has videos you can buy on "how to make a dress form".  I went to her website to check it out, and I found that she also sells SEVERAL different sizes of the Flexible Curve (Bendy Curve) that I use for crotch correction.

Her name is Jean Haas.  Here are a couple links to her.

You can google her name for more of them.  I'm not sure her website is active, but you can go to "Flexible Rulers" and at least see what is available.  Maybe you can still order them from her.  I didn't try.  There is a note about her website changing to a different one -- but the different one didn't have the rulers.

They are QUITE expensive, but maybe they don't flop all over the place like mine does.

Just FYI.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi Joy
    My name is Hélène and I'm from Australia, I read your post and watch your YouTube video. I think you are a hoot. I just tried your two links and they don't exist anymore. Nancy's Notion sells them.
    I look forward to reading your blog.

  2. Hi Joy! I am a 72-years old retired teacher and foster carer. I always enjoyed sewing, but found it difficult to find time until I retired. Now I'm obsessed! Surefit Designs was my first venture, and I I've also found Nancy Zieman as well as Palmer and Pletch.
    Since discovering your blog and YouTube videos, I can't end the day without a look at what 'Joy has been up to'.
    By the way, I've named the basic SFD muslin/blouse my 'Joy blouse'!


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