NIFTY NOTION:  Bendable Bright Light

This little wonder is something I discovered recently somewhere on the internet.  I browse sewing sites so much, I can't remember where I read about it.  I think it is just called a Bright Light, but not sure. 

Here is a picture of it on one of my sewing machines.  Both of these pictures were taken in the dark.  You can see how much brighter the sewing area is with the added light.
Here is a picture of the little light by itself:

Here is a picture showing the really long electrical plug-in cord that you can wrap around the back of your machine and attach it to your machine in a couple of places with tiny little clips.  Very nice because it would get in your way a lot if you didn't have those.

There is a receptacle that the base slides in and out of so you can take the light off easily.  The cord holders allow for the cord to slip right off also.  MARVELOUS notion.  I can sew at night with this, but I use it during the day too.  NO BATTERIES!  It just has a really long life.  I'll have to google it again and find some more information on that.

I need to tell you this.  The first place I found to purchase this little jewel sold it for $25.  The second place I found it sold it for half of that.  You would like to know where that was wouldn't you?  So would I.  Pray I can find my info.  Maybe in my email.  Watch for an update............  Haven't found the place I bought mine yet, but here is a picture of it in the package.  Most places sell it for $25.
Bendable Bright Light Kit

Posted 1-18-12


  1. Sounds like a plan!

    If they sold them all wrapped in ribbon they'd want $3.00 each and I would be too cheap to buy them! So, I'd have to go find the hex nuts and do them myself. :-)
    Kids are gone and I have the evening to sew! Yeah!

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. It's great while it lasts. It should last up to 100,000 hours per their claim, but I don't think mine lasted even 100 hours. I also e-mailed the maker about the early failure and never heard back from them. I have not spent the money for another one even though perhaps I just had a lemon.


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