Saturday, January 14, 2012

Knit Top Number SIX Turned Out Great!

I know............ unbelievable.  I have made SIX knit tops and I am still trying to figure out how to get it perfect.  This one is really close, and I really like it, and I will wear it a lot.  Well, if Jerry doesn't like it, I won't wear it.  He has really good taste, and if he says it looks bad, then it probably does.  I will probably cry though.  After all, it is NUMBER SIX!
I made so many changes, I can't even remember them all.  I had to make the pattern much smaller than coming in two SFD dots.  I don't get that.  I probably came in 5 dots!  I suppose that means I have negative ease.  The top is not tight though, so I don't know.  The strange thing is these post-menopausal boobs.  I never had boobs when I wanted them.  Now, here they are -- stuck on a bony, narrow chest (wish I could say that about the rest of me, lol)  I don't know if there is a bust dart big enough to put in a knit shirt for myself.  I am using DD now. 

Okay.  What did I do:  I moved the shoulders forward more -- I narrowed the shoulders another 1/2" -- I added 1/2" in length to the bust area -- I moved the bust dart DOWN because you have to do that when you move the front shoulder forward -- I took in at least another 1/2" on the sides.  May have gotten the dart a bit too low, but better than too high.  And according to Peggy, you have an invisible large circle around your apex that the bust dart tip can land in, and it is okay. 

I'm going to show you some pictures.  Please realize that I have not thoroughly pressed this blouse yet.  I know the darts have a lump at the tip.  I will get that out by pressing the darts over my ham.  (Not a ham you eat, Margaret!) 

Now, how cute are those flowers!?  I googled Knit Fabric Flowers, and I found lots of them.  I don't know what they will look like after they are washed.  Hope they don't fall off! 

And here is the back.  Pretty good fit.  I'm happy with it.  No lumps back there to deal with -- well until you get below the waist.

What happened to Blouse #5???  Good question.  It was of this same yellow knit, but I didn't like the fit.  Evidently, I filed the pictures in some obscure folder I cannot find now.

Okay.  I've been sewing all day -- almost.  I had to stop to go buy a battery for my Honda.  It somehow went dead yesterday.  The bright light indicator was on, but I had not used the bright lights, and they are supposed to be automatic -- aren't they?  The battery automatically died anyway.  I was in the garage at 9:00 last night trying to figure out how to hook up the little battery box cables to it.  My husband doesn't like me doing advanced mechanical feats like this, but since he wasn't here, I had no choice.  He was trying to instruct me over my cell phone.  And BTW, aren't cell phones just the greatest things???  I had Jerry on speaker phone and I was taking pictures and emailing them to him of what I was doing so I wouldn't blow up the garage.  Totally awesome!  Now, don't tell Jerry, but I think the fact that I figured out how to do all that at the same time with my cell phone may qualify me to do some mechanical tasks.  Maybe not .....

I have not had dinner and it is nearly 8 PM.  So I shall sign off for today. 

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Joy Joy, your top is beautiful and you are beautiful in it. Bright colors look great on you. This is your year according to VPM; jewel colors are in. Lots of bright floral prints, too.
    I would definitely blow up the car if I tried to change the battery. Oh, wait a minute. I changed the thermostat in the house when he TDI in DC and I was in Washington State. We did it over the phone, too.
    Hugs, Phylly


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