Friday, January 27, 2012

Coat, Hoodies and Margaret

What a fun day I had.  My friend, Margaret, who just recovered from falling and cutting her head clear to the skull, was feeling good enough to do lunch today.  She also had to buy some groceries, so I offered to take us both to the Super Wal-Mart to buy groceries. 

I don't know if you recall, but Jerry bought me a North Face Coat that was $300 for Christmas.  It was black and real puffy and I felt not only like the Michelin Man in it, but looked like the Michelin Tire in it.

Yeah, I knoooooooooooooow, it looks GREAT on her!  What is she?  A Size 2?  You could put her in a parachute, and she would look good.  I think they should have 61-year old models in the pictures so you could get an accurate picture of yourself should your husband buy this for you!

And I can hear you saying, "WHAT ON EARTH does that have to do with buying groceries at

Margaret and I walked into Wal-Mart, and we each got our own cart.  We decided to go get all the things on our list and then text when we were done and meet back by McDonald's.  Now, Margaret had a very long list.  I only had three things on mine.  So, of course, I had to wander around and look at other stuff.  Anyone can understand that.  And not only that, the temperature in Wal-Mart was about 20 below zero today, and I had left my coat in the car because it was nice outside.  Not nice enough to have the deep freeze on in the store, however.  The first thing my eyes landed on were shnuggy hoodies with fluffie stuff inside.  I LOVE those!  I went over to where they were just because I was freezing, and I wanted to wear one while I shopped.  I found a cream colored one I liked right away, and I put it on.  It felt wonderful, and it fit me fine.  The only thing was, there was no price tag on it.  I have a real gift for choosing the ONE item without a price tag.  I figured all the private eyes were staring at me through the black holes on the ceiling getting ready to send the dogs out after me, so I took that hoodie off and exchanged it for one with the price tag dangling from the armpit.    
They probably have a file on me there anyway because I am the type to open a box of Wheat Thins and start eating them -- or a box of tissues and start blowing my nose - or a bottle of Tums and swallow one.  I ALWAYS buy them. 

I was just about to walk away from the hoodies when this thought hit me:  You should get a navy blue and white one to match the blouse you are wearing.  Yes!  Great idea.  So I took off the cream colored one, and I put on a navy blue one.  I decided to keep the cream one though because I knew I would wear that color a lot.  But then I noticed the same hoodie came in turquoise, pink, black, brown, purple and probably some other color.  They were only $16.97.  I figured I could buy half a dozen of them for 1/3 of what Jerry paid for the tire coat that I returned after Christmas.  So here, at last, is my Christmas present from my husband.  I just LOVE them!!!  AND, my husband loves them too.  He thinks 6 of something for 1/3 the price of another thing is a great deal!

Now, I don't know about Margaret.  I thought surely she would want to buy at least three of them, but she didn't buy any at all!  I think that bump on her head may have been more severe than we thought!

And we don't know what happened to my OTHER Christmas present -- remember Marsha -- the dress form? 

Marsha has never arrived.  We don't know if she took the wrong plane or what.  I like my jackets better anyway.

Hugs, Joy

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