Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Look 6808, Muslin Fitting

Okay, this is Day 2 for "Making a Commercial Pattern Fit My Body".  I am using New Look 6808.  I was able to cut out my "muslin" today which is really a wearable fabric IF I don't mess it up.  I had to stop when it was time to insert the 16" zipper down the side because I didn't have a zipper at all on the premises. 

Here is my video -- Part 8 -- taken today:

How did you like that tripod!  I am so excited to be able to get a video AT ALL and show it to you that I haven't really gotten prepared to do it without me holding the camera.  If my friend, Phylly, would come over here and HELP ME, I could do a whole lot better job.  One of these days we are going to get together and do this, and the whole world -- well my 3 viewers, lol -- can laugh along with us.  Phylly is my medicine!

Okay, here is my video -- Part 9 -- taken today showing my first fabric fitting:

I was able to cancel my Mother-in-Law's (Nida) doctor appointment because she seems to be okay.  I made the appointment for just in case really.  I got a call at 10 PM Monday night from the nurse at the Senior Living Center where Nida lives, and she said Nida had been screaming in her room, and then she came out into the dining area with a chair from her room -- I'm sure it was one of her folding chairs.  She said she was sick, but couldn't explain how except that she was dizzy.  Since she is ALWAYS dizzy when we see her, I didn't think it was that urgent.  Her blood pressure was high, but for her -- at 91 years old -- that is normal.  No problems since then, however, so doctor appointment is cancelled. 

And I said all of that to say, I may get to sew some tomorrow.   Goodness, I should have taken a still picture of my muslin.  I will tomorrow.
Hugs, Joy

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  1. I would be there if I could be. This is really great, Joy Joy. The top is looking so good. I couldn't even see the extra fabric in the neck line until you pulled it up. I can't wait to see the sleeves in it. By the way, I love that pattern! I love boat neck designs, too. I can't believe that we didn't know that about each other.
    Hugs, Phylly


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