Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Friends and Stuff

Not much happening around here today.  I posted a new tutorial on pattern storage, and then I met Phylly for lunch.  We ate at the Olive Garden today and had our usual soup-and-salad combination.  We got a nice waitress named Jessica today, and she advised us that we could have a FREE wine sample if we would like.  I knew that Olive Garden has my favorite wine -- Riunite Lambrusco -- so I told her, "SURE!  Bring me mine and Phylly's too, please." 
(I should point out here that a sample is only one tablespoonful.)

Now, Phylly does not drink alcoholic beverages NOR does she eat avocados.  I don't know how we got to be such good friends when she has those two blaring faults! 

Well, of course, there is my other best friend, Margaret.  She just confessed to me last week that she does not like broccoli or cauliflower.
Actually, I have another best friend, Deanna, and her husband doesn't like -- of all things! -- mayonnaise!  How on earth can you get through life without liking mayo or Miracle Whip? 

I finished my New Look blouse, and it is currently in the dryer.  I put so many marks on my garments when I sew, I have to soak them in Shout and then wash them before I can wear them.  I use washable crayola markers, but sometimes they aren't that washable.  I will take pictures of the finished blouse when I get it ironed and on my body -- maybe tonight -- maybe not.

I did make the sleeveless knit top and the jacket I am wearing today.  I kind of like this set, and it fits me pretty good.  I believe the sleeveless knit top was my Sure-Fit Designs pattern and the Jacket was an old, out-of-print Simplicity pattern that gave me fits in the fitting. 

Gotta clean my house now.  I may see my old  friend and x-neighbor, Barbara, tomorrow.  Haven't seen her in years.  We tend to talk until we drop.  I may even have to take a day off from blogging once we get together.

Hugs, Joy

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