Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today Was WRECKED!

I am so frustrated with young people -- well some young people -- I'm sure they aren't all this way.  I was driving along in my Honda and decided to turn into a shopping center to buy some grosgrain ribbon at Hancock's on the way to my Mother-in-Law's house in another town.  I put on my blinker and slowed down to make a right turn and POW, another car ran into me and threw my head back into the fat pillow on the bar.  Thank God it was there!  I went further into the entrance and parked, and the car that hit me came in behind me and another car after that.  The other two cars were driven by kids -- both with cell phones and a drink in their hand (like Sonic). 

They got out of their cars and walked to each other.  It was obvious they were family or friends.  I walked over to the first driver -- and I'll admit, I wasn't in my happiest frame of mind -- and I asked the girl for her insurance information.  She ignored me.  I went to the other girl -- the driver of the 2nd car that had run into the 1st car that hit me -- and I asked her if she had run into the other girl.  She informed me that it was MY FAULT because I didn't ALLOW enough room for them to stop behind my car. 
Now, I wasn't in the greatest mood, but I wasn't yelling and I wasn't mean.  I simply explained to this young girl that it wasn't MY job to leave her enough room BEHIND me.  It was HER job to do that.  She told me again that I should have left her enough room.  I told her she needed to take driver's ed again.  I walked away, went back to my car, and I called the police.

Then we all moved our cars to regular parking spaces and waited for the police.  They also had called the police.  About 20 minutes later, THREE police cars showed up.  Good grief.  You'd think a bank had been robbed.

Okay............... Three policemen ................three cars in the wreck.  I just ASSUMED that one policeman would tend to me.  After all, I am the victim.  I'm the innocent one.  I practically stepped out in the street in front of one of the policeman's moving cars and I waved to be sure he saw me.  He kept going.  One guy built like Arnold Schwartzeneggar came over to me and said, "I need your license and insurance verification."  I gave him my license but I couldn't get the right insurance verification for a minute.  He said, "Bring it to me when you get it!", and he walked over to the kids and the other two policemen who were all having a nice little chat, evidently, about me.  I found the right paper right away, so I opened my door and walked after the policeman.  He turned around and snapped at me, "Get back there.  We don't want you yelling at anyone!" 
So now, I've not only been in a wreck that was not my fault -- I have this nasty policeman accusing me of yelling at everyone.  NOT ONE POLICEMAN ever even asked me my side of the story.  They didn't ask me if I was alright or look at my damage or anything. 

Finally, the mean cop came back to my car and shoved a piece of paper in my window.  Here, you can call the number on here for the insurance company.  I asked if it was a Police Report.  He said, "No!, You don't need one."   I asked him why he had told me not to yell at anyone.  He said the THREE WITNESSES all agreed that I was rude to them and yelled at them.  I told him they were the three that ran into me!   He said they all agreed.  I started crying.  I told him I was very sorry and that I understood.  He left.   I sure couldn't understand all that and the fact that they didn't even ask me what happened at all, but I decided not to YELL at anyone, and just went on my way.  I guess if I ever run into someone, the police will be nice to me and mean to them.

I went into Hancock's and came back out, and I noticed the three police cars were still all parked side by side in the middle of the parking lot.  I guess it was all one, big, happy family.  They felt sorry for those poor kids that I MADE run into me. 

All in all -- not a fun day -- but I do Thank God that I am not in a hospital right now and the kids weren't hurt either.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I'm just glad you are okay. Typical response from kids, "It's not my fault I was driving too close!". Really!

  2. I know this is an old post -- but I am just reading it, and I will say this:


    I know this from personal experience, having been one. :)

  3. “The other two cars were driven by kids -- both with cell phones and a drink in their hand.” - Haha! This remind me of picture in an article that explains why teens have an expensive insurance. By the way, I agree with Philly, we're just glad you're okay. Take care always, Joyree!

    Cayla Dupont


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