Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dress Form and Why I Call Her "Marsha"

I just made this little video not intending at all to do what I did in it.  The idea was to video the outfit I had on so when I get Marsha properly padded out to look like me, I could put the SAME outfit on her and compare it to how it fits on me.  Really, photos would work better for that.

She was expensive, but I think I will really love using her to fit my clothes.  Jerry sure will love it because he won't have to constantly measure something on me or my clothes.  I have been known to walk over to his barn wearing only my underwear and the blouse I was working on -- carrying a yardstick or measuring tape and tailor's chalk -- and ask him to measure from the ground up to my blouse hem all the way around me and mark it.  He just rolls his eyes and puts down whatever he is doing.  What a great guy!

Here's the video if you would like to take a look:

NOTICE at the end of the video the UPPER BACK of the turquoise blouse I am making and how it SAGS on Marsha.  That is because I have a ROUND BACK CORRECTION in it, and Marsha doesn't have a round back yet.  Cool, huh?

Time to fix supper again.  Think I will fix Talapia tonight.  Jerry will be home soon.

Hugs, Joy

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