Friday, February 24, 2012

Dress Form Revived!!!

Okay, my faithful followers.  I have very happy news! 

If you have read the last several days, you know I gave up trying to get Marsha, the Fabulous Fit dress form, to match my figure.  I have her all packed in a large coffin-like box ready to go back from whence she came.  It was just too hard for me to get her exactly like me.

After I got the three boxes all packed and taped and ready to ship, I called Jill at Fabulous Fit.  I think she is the owner.  She is not the same lady that called me yesterday morning.  She asked me if I had a few minutes, and since I am CALM today, I was very happy to listen to what she had to say.

OMG!  Am I ever glad I called her.  You won't BELIEVE what she offered to do for me.  Honestly, I may be having a daydream of what I would really LIKE her to do -- not sure.  If I am not hallucinating, this is what she offered to do.

She wants me to take pictures of myself to send to her.  I should have told her to call Sharath Kulukool!

First, I have to make a muslin to fit my body.  Then, I have to put it on myself and take pictures.  Then I will send the muslin and the pictures to her, and SHE -- HER VERY OWN SELF -- will pad a dress form for me!!!

If you could see my face right now,
this is what it looks like.  So sad yesterday, and now this. 

What a VERY NICE lady. 

Just imagine what I can do with a dress form that actually looks just like me together with my Sure-fit Designs kits?

Hope I have a lot of muslin.  Actually, I do have an entire bolt of black cotton batiste.  That may not photograph too well.  I should just fly to New York!  I have that face lift money, you know, and Jerry won't LET me have a face lift.  But that would involve a plane.  No way!!!

Jill even told me I could blog about it.  How sweet was that???

I am still here at the store.  Trying to decide if I should hang around so Jerry can take me out to dinner again tonight, or if I should go home.  Think I will go home and look for muslin.  If I can't find any, I may head to my other house so I will be close to a fabric store, and then Phylly can get over to my house and HELP ME!

YAY!!!!  God is so good to go behind your back when you aren't looking and just fix everything, isn't He?

Gotta go.  Headin' to the house.

Hugs, Joy


  1. It sounds like Jill has some sense. I thought that was exactly what they should have done. Instead, Bobbie created a marketing nightmare for them. I'm sure Denise, the alien chicken pincushion, will be pleased. She might even stop hurling her pinfeathers at Matilda, my FF dressform! Matilda will be pleased about that!
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. That is good customer service!
    Cant wait to see your new dressform - she will need a new name :)


  3. How funny you said that Skye. I was thinking the same thing all morning long. I thought about Rene' because she is a "renewal", but I didn't really like that. Then I thought about "Rose" because the fabric I am using for my muslin has roses on it. Then I thought about that super-nice lady at Fabulous Fit, Jill. I think I will name her Jill. "Joy and Jill". Kinda cute, huh?
    Hugs, Joy


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