Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finally Back Home And What Do I Find???

I had to stop by the store today because it was pay day, and the employees get a tad testy if they don't get their paychecks.

Now, remember I have not been "home" for seven weeks!  I went to our Edmond home December 14th, and I just returned to our Kingston home -- which is our REAL home -- today. 

Since I had to stop at the store to deliver paychecks, I figured I might as well take our two furry kids in the store for a few minutes and look at the top of my desk.  I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES!

There were a few Christmas cards, mostly from companies we buy things from -- one beautiful thank you card from Margaret! -- lots of junk mail and magazines -- all of which I expected to find.  But I did not expect to find this on my desk:
In case you can't make that out, it is FIVE boxes of chocolates!  They were wrapped in Christmas paper when I first got there.  There was also a little can of mixed nuts, but I wasn't too surprised about those.  I put those in the store kitchen for the employees.  All the employees are on diets though -- well, most -- and none wanted the chocolate.  So I brought ALL FIVE BOXES home with me.  I have eaten at least FIVE pieces today which is terrible, awful because Phylly and I are going to ETA in Dallas weekend after next, and I have to be able to wear all the clothes I've been making.  I better hide the chocolate from myself tomorrow.  Shouldn't be too hard -- I hide everything else from myself and I don't even try!

Now that would have been surprise enough to find on my desk, but that wasn't all.  Nope.  I also had this small mountain of packages on my desk:
That is FOUR packages BESIDES the chocolates. 

I order these things on line from time to time and forget all about them until they arrive.  Always a surprise.  The big one is still sitting at the foot of the stairs, and I haven't even unpacked it yet.  The white box had two 3-yard pieces of linen in it.  The two small brown cardboard boxes had books in them.  Haven't even flipped them open yet.

Back there on the wall is the picture quilt I made for Jerry for his 60th birthday. 

I suppose I should close for tonight and go see what is in that big box.  I know it is from Brewer Sewing Supply.  Plus, I promised Becca I would email her with sewing steps tonight.


Hugs, Joy

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  1. No dark chocolate allowed there next week! Hugs, Phylly


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