Saturday, February 4, 2012

Good Saturday Morning & New Nifty Notion.

It is Saturday here where I live, and it is a BEAUTIFUL, sunny day!  Praise The Lord for the awesome rain yesterday, and the sunshine today.  I love it!  It perks me up and makes me want to sew.  Well, actually, just breathing makes me want to sew, so I guess that doesn't really count.  It does make me run up the 17 stair steps faster and turn up my 50's music, and I dance around a lot.

 Wish you were here to enjoy it with me!  I took the screens out and made a video so you can see.

I'm going to construct a new blouse so I can record it step by step for my new friend, Rebecca.  She is a beginner sewer.  When I think of what I would be sewing now if I knew THEN what I know NOW -- Wow!  Jerry might even approve of my wardrobe.  He would LOVE me to dress like Princess Di.  I tell him as soon as I get Princess Di's body, I will take off my jeans and my crocs and change my style.  Until then, he is going to have to love plain old me.

Actually, Jerry's first wife did dress like that.  She and her second husband learned to ballroom dance -- she is tall and thin and blonde.  So WHAT ON EARTH is he doing with me??????????????????  A friend of ours asked Jerry once -- a long time ago -- what attracted him to me.  I waited with great anticipation to hear what Jerry would answer.  Which of my features could possibly have attracted this amazing man???  Was it my dark brown eyes?  Was it my cooking?  Was it that I weighed only 120 pounds at that time?  Was it my smile?  Are you ready for his answer????????


                                      It was her BRAIN!

So maybe that is why I wear jeans and crocs.  If he is attracted to my brain, what difference does it make what I have on my body which he, evidently, never even noticed!

Check out my new "Nifty Notion" post for the Sticky Roller.

I really must go.  More later.

Hugs, Joy

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