Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good Thursday Morning - Just Rambling

Hello friends.  It was so beautiful and sunny yesterday.  Today, it is cloudy and sad outside.  I have to go into the office today to pay some bills and do a Bank Statement.  Can't complain though because I have such great employees these days, I only have to go in once a week for a few hours.  You are so fortunate you did not know me in the days when we were setting up our business and going through employees like water through a sieve.  Believe it or not, most former employees think I am a major witch (change the "w").
Hard to find young people who appreciate my organizational skills, my desire to have things done right and the simple virtues like honesty and integrity.  It got so I wouldn't even interview a person unless they were over 50.  I had a young female employee shake her finger in my face and say, "You are NOT going to tell me what to do!!!"  I guess she thought she was writing the paychecks around there.  Oh well, we sure don't want to go back there.  I would have to fill up a year's worth of blogging pages!

I must say before shutting this subject down, that we were blessed with a few AMAZING employees that helped us get through those years.  They stuck with us through good times and hard times, and we adore them.  Wish they would have walked in the store on Day 1.  I don't think I've told you that I actually hired Phylly to work for us three years ago.  She was quilting for a living back then, and I knew her former work history since we talked so much.  One day when I was talking to her about my total frustration with trying to get good help, I just decided to ask her if she would consider coming to work for us.  I never DREAMT she would say "yes".  She did though.  I am her boss'es boss, so I don't ever work with her or even see her.  I am in the OTHER town.  Actually, I have a hard time remembering she works for us sometimes -- especially, when we meet for lunch, and she has to GO BACK TO WORK.  I always tell her that her boss should be more understanding of our friendship.

Okay, better stop for now.  Have to get showered and off to the store.  Our business, in case you are wondering, is medical equipment.  We sell wheelchairs, hospital beds, commodes, compression hosiery, bath benches --- you get the idea.  My husband is a Pharmacist (no longer practicing) and an ATP (Assistive Technology Professional).  I call what he does a "ministry" because he works hundreds of hours without compensation.  He really cares about the people he helps.  He BUILDS wheelchairs around the bodies of crippled people of all ages.  The children are especially sad to work with.  Jerry has measured crippled children for wheelchairs who live in shacks with dirt floors -- he has been in homes where cockroaches scatter by the dozens each time he moves something on a table -- he went into a home one time and found a DEAD RAT hanging by its mouth from the electric cord of the bed.  He fits wheelchairs to people who are even MORE deformed than they have to be because another company who didn't care gave them the WRONG wheelchair and caused even more problems.

Jerry is my HERO if you haven't figured that out by now reading my blog.

Gotta get to work.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Actually, I'm "Phyllis" at work and "Phylly" the rest of the time. (Wishing I was "Beth Ann" all the time, but that is another story.)
    hugs, Phylly

  2. I do love that picture of "us".
    Hugs, Phylly


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