Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hide and Seek & Arm Exercise

Good Saturday morning.  It is raining softly here where I live today.  My favorite kind of day to sew and watch sewing videos.  I purchased TWELVE of Cynthia Guffey's videos at ETA, and I have watched only two so far.  I've watched them both twice.  I like to practice what I learn so I have some chance of recall in the future.  That is where I learned her crotch fix.  I am going to try that in a few minutes, and I will take pics for you.  Lorraine Henry does it the same way, but Cynthia's way of positioning is easier to understand.  I guess that means I will be making a pair of pants today instead of working on my turquoise blouse.  I need the CG DVD that Phylly bought about princess seams.  We watched it together in our hotel room, but since I've only seen it once, I don't have total recall.  I remember how she clipped and how she pressed, but I don't remember if she left the seams open, or if she pressed them to one side.  I HAVE to press the seams to one side on this turquoise blouse because the front facing folds to the inside and wraps around the front princess seams.  Clear as mud I suppose.  I will show you later.

And what does THAT have to do with "Hide and Seek"?
Yes.  Hide and Seek.  Supposed to be a fun game, but I HATE IT when it has to do with a piece of computer paraphernalia (there's a word!) that I have to have RIGHT NOW and I cannot find it.  My husband insists that I must have misplaced it while I am explaining to him in my not-so-pleasant-whiny-voice that I am VERY organized, and I know EXACTLY where I put it and I even LABELED it!!!  He insists I had to have put it somewhere else or it would be where I said it was.

Then -- since he is the only other person that lives here -- I tell him that HE must have used it and put it somewhere else.  He insists he didn't touch it.  I tell him that he is the one that is always losing stuff:  keys, files, extension cords, what street he is supposed to turn on -- things like that.  We are both tired because it is after dark last night, and we really want to be watching a Catherine Cookson mini series that we just discovered the night before on his big screen.  Jerry is a very dedicated "let me fix that" type of guy, and he will spend HOURS trying to fix my computer.

I better tell you what happened to cause all this ruckus.  You know how I have to take pictures and videos for my blog so my entire TWO fans can look at them (those would be the two that post comments).  I have this little device -- a SanDisk card reader.  I just pull the little disk out of my camera and put it in a slot in this device:
I probably have put the disk in and out of this thing a thousand times, so I suppose there is the slightest possibility that I could have worn out the slot.  Anyway, yesterday morning, it worked just fine.  Yesterday afternoon, it would not work at all.  It never dawned on me that this device could be broken.  I thought my computer had gotten messed up by me doing Premiere 10 video lessons, and that I had somehow told the computer that this device was too much of an antique to work properly with PS 10.  I thought Jerry could just do SOMETHING -- I had no idea what -- to my computer and make it work.  Bless his heart, he sure did try.  He spent two hours doing all those virus things you do and the registry doctor thing and the line everything up in a row thing -- what is that called? -- and he just could not figure it out.  He did realize that this monitor I am using has a card slot in the side of it, but we never could figure out how to get that to work.  I knew my Epson printer also has card slots, but they have NEVER worked even though I have an Epson printer at my other house, and they work fine it it. 

So here we are, sitting side by side in front of my computer, and I am holding my camera in my hand when SUDDENLY -- like a flash -- I recall that my little pink Sony Cyber-shot has a cord that connects it to the computer.  You all knew that, didn't you?  Then I remembered that I had looked for that cord before, and I could not find it, even though I remembered labeling it -- I label everything -- and I remembered putting it in the drawer of the hutch here in my sewing room.  I asked Jerry if he knew where it was.  No, he didn't.  He tells me I probably lost it.  I tell him he probably lost it.  That went nowhere!

I walk over to the drawer and I pull out every cord in the drawer except for the one that is in a baggie with funny looking ends on it that I am POSITIVE couldn't go to my camera because it has a bunch of colored  doohickeys attached to it, and I have assumed it goes to an old VCR. Jerry and I go through the 4 or 5 other cords I have pulled out of the drawer, and we decide they go to telephones or some other device and I tell him they are LEAVING my sewing room forever.  Jerry continues to download drivers for my monitor and drivers for the printer and heaven knows what else.  He is SO, SO PATIENT.  You can imagine he would have to be to live with me, right?  Now, be nice.

More time goes by.  I put a bag of Orville Redenbacher's popcorn in the microwave and continue to insist that Jerry must have taken the camera cord and done something with it.  We both eat the popcorn, and Jerry continues to download stuff and tell me I need to LEARN how to work on computers.  I tell him that isn't going to happen. 

More time goes by and I finally tell him that I will wait until Monday, and I will just call the people in India that I can't understand a word they say, and I will ask them how to fix my computer.  He says that is insane, and he gets up and walks over to the hutch and opens the drawer.  He finds the above bag in the drawer which, of course, is all that is left in it by then.  He says, "JOY!!!!, THIS is your camera cord!!!!"  I tell him that could not possibly be my camera cord because it goes to a VCR.  Then he says -- and this one hurts, I have to say -- "Then WHY is there a blue tag on it that says "Pink Sony Cyber-shot"? 

I KNOW!!!!!!  I felt SO BAD!!!  I apologized and apologized and told him how stupid I was, and I kissed him all over his face, and I told him what a SUPER-genius he is.  (It works every time I do a big piece of stupid.)  He gives me that "you poor, pathetic creature" look, and decides God gave him to me for OBVIOUS reasons, and he forgives me yet again.  What a guy!

So, of course, I am downloading pictures again as you can plainly see.   We did watch the first episode of The Rag Nymph, but it was so late, we decided to watch the next two episodes tonight, and we went to bed.  And just like my wonderful husband, he got up early -- came up here to my computer -- and defragmented it and did whatever else he could do to make it faster.  Then when I woke up later, he gave me a lecture on how I should defragment my own computer.  I told him what a genius he is again.
And, yes, I did a video of myself doing a new exercise I learned in Cynthia Guffey's "Dart" class.  Yep.  She got off on a tangent there for awhile and talked about arm exercises and tanning sheets.  The girl next to me who has 7 children and showed me all their pictures including the wedding of one of the girls -- said to me, "Isn't this supposed to be about darts?"   I will put the video over there on the sidebar or nobody will ever find it.  Well, nobody may want to find it, but if they do.....

Gotta get to work on that pair of pants and the crotch fix.  There will be some fun pictures in that one!  Correction:  Forget it!!!  I'm more confused than ever now.  The lady Cynthia did has a perfectly straight back and then it suddenly dips into her hip.  My curve is all over the place, and it doesn't fit anyone's instructions.  Cry, cry, cry...............  I messed up my SFD pant blueprint now, so I am starting over.  I am still going to try to add my shape to it, but don't hold your breath for instruction.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Aaaah, you have lots more readers than you think. We all enjoy your adventures!

  2. Yep another reader here - will look forward to seeing how you fix your crothch curve :)
    Skye (New Zealand)

  3. You never cease to crack me up. I'm so glad I've found your blog!


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