Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Waaaaaah, Waaaaah -- I have spent all day, so far, making my dark brown pants.  They turned out okay, but it is nothing short of a MIRACLE.  Its those crotch issues.  The GOOD news is, there aren't any V's in the back!  I am making progress here.  I'm going to start all over and try it again.

Let me give you some shocking news:  You may NOT be exactly the same on both sides of your body.

Or is it just me????  One of my hips is 3/4" wider than the other.  Goodness.  How did THAT happen.  One side of my waist is wider than the other side.  Of course, to find these things out, you have to cut yourself in half and measure each side separately.

I really want to make a new blouse, but I don't want to get off pants until I get my pattern perfected.  I think it is really hard to measure your crotch DEPTH.  If I could get that right, then I could fix the length, I think. 

Phylly is coming in a couple weeks.  Maybe I'll just wait for her to come, and we can play with the bendy curve together.  We always get a lot of laughs out of that.

Jill told me she is going to keep me posted on my new dress form.  I am SO excited that she is making "her" for me.  I sure will post all about her the day I get her!

So here are some pics of my new dark brown pants.  They are a bit snug in the back hips, but that is my fault for narrowing the hips because I thought they were too big.  The reason they were too big was I hadn't put the darts in yet.  DUH! 
Now for the IMPORTANT NEWS!  Today is Phylly's birthday!  She is still 50-something.  She is the only friend I've ever had that is younger than I am.  Maybe she is just too immature to know she isn't supposed to like me.  I had a friend once that told me it was too stressful to exchange birthday gifts, and she didn't want to do it anymore.  Talk about heartbreak!  She is the one who started it by giving me a gift one year.  I just don't get some people.  Phylly and I exchange gifts.  GUESS what I got her -- go ahead GUESS .......

Okay, I suppose that wasn't all that hard.  I got her FABRIC.  YAY!  Our favorite thing.  It is a cranberry batik.  I will post pictures when she makes it up.  I also gave her some royal blue and red linen I bought online and decided it had too many slubs in it for me.  Phylly isn't nearly as picky as I am, so I gave it to her.  I'll post pics of that too IF SHE EVER SENDS ME ANY!!!

My friend Glenda, who owns Sure-fit Designs is having a chat tonight at 7 PM.  That is why I am posting early today.  Plus, I need to watch some more lessons from the BH&G guy about gardening.  So I shall close for today.  I still haven't thought of that OTHER kewl tool I forgot about.  Probably won't come to me until I need to use it again. 
Hugs, Joy


  1. I'm just barely still in my fifties. Actually, today is the first day of my sixtieth year on this earth. Thank you for all the fabric. I am in sewing heaven! (Oh, my Birthday Card at work had a friend for Denise on it! Alien Chicken Pincushions have even infested the internet!)

    Oh, I forgot to sign up for Glenda's chat. Fiddlesticks. I guess I'll have to read it later. I'm still working on my muslin. I've done some radical things to it.
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Well, Happy Birthday to your friend, Phylly!

    I stopped having birthdays long ago and now only have anniversaries of my birthday. It just feels better!

    The back of your pants is amazing! I don't know how they could be better!

    Enjoyed that chat tonight with Glenda - she is terrific.


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