Monday, February 27, 2012

Measurements and Gardening

Fedex showed up today and hauled Marsha off.  Now, I anxiously await her replacement, Jill.
I got an email from Fabulous Fit this morning requesting MORE measurements.   So far, I have sent a page of Upper Torso Lengths, a page of Upper Torso Widths, a page of Lower Torso Lengths and a page of Lower Torso Widths, and that does not include the Sure-fit Designs measurements I sent and the measurements Jerry took with his Caliper.  Good heavens!  You'd think we were going to mass-produce "Joy" dolls instead of just make a dress form.

So I spent most of the morning checking all my measurements and doing some laundry.  I accidentally wore my glasses into our bathroom this morning when I went down to take a shower.  I nearly fainted when I saw the countertops!  If you could grow tomatoes in hair and hairspray, we would have a bountiful crop!  One thing about being older -- a good thing, I guess -- is that I don't see every speck of dust and dirt like I used to.  I usually leave my glasses up here by the computer when I go down in the mornings to take my shower.  But sometimes, I forget, or I find another pair.  Anyway, I spent the next hour with my magic rags cleaning our bathroom.  Since I FOR SURE don't wear my glasses in the shower, it always looks clean.  I did wear my contacts in there one time, and I immediately turned around, came out and grabbed bleach and a scrubbrush and went back in.  I nearly asphyxiated (try finding THAT in the dictionary if you don't know how to spell it!) myself, but the shower sure was sparkly that day.

All that done, I wondered what to do next.  What came to mind:  Why don't I learn how to make a garden?  Isn't that what you would have thought too?

Really, I have always wanted to have a garden.  My grandparents always had a huge garden and my Dad always had a nice garden.  My futile attempts at gardening to date have been to plant two tomato bushes, each in its own pot, on my back patio.  We actually did eat some one time, but usually the big fat green worms ate most of them.  YUK!  So here's the thing:  There is this website called "Craftsy" that I read about somewhere -- probably on another blog -- and Craftsy has lots of online classes you can take including two on gardening.  I got an email yesterday offering me a gardening class for less than half price, so I thought, "What the heck, I'll sign up for it."  So this afternoon I listened to some guy from Better Homes and Gardens teach me about gardening.  VERY interesting.  A lot of work, for sure.  When I saw what all he had produced in his garden, I thought about finding out where he lives and asking if he has enough to share. 
 I am not exaggerating -- and everyone knows I do that a lot -- but you can't even use chicken manure -- which is supposed to be wonderful for a garden -- unless you know how old it is.  Would someone mind telling me HOW one determines the age of chicken poop?!  Maybe that is in tomorrow's lesson. 
While I was listening to Mr. BH&G talk about gardening, I decided to finish my brown pants with the crotch adjustment from way back to what must be weeks by now.  I just have to put the waistband on and hem them up, so I may post a picture of the completed pants tomorrow.  Then it will be back to blouses for me until Phylly gets here in a few weeks. 

Time to go fix supper.  Leftover Roast tonight.  I love it when I have leftovers.  Even have a salad already made.  Heard Jerry come in a few minutes ago. 

Hugs, Joy


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