Monday, February 13, 2012

C. Jonson Top, SFD Jeans & Meet Phylly!!!

Someone asked me to post pics when I made another outfit.  Here are two pieces I made:

The top is Christine Jonson Pattern #714
The pants are my Sure-Fit Designs jean pattern.

I didn't think the top looked good on me, but Phylly said it did and that I should wear it.  This top is made out of the snotty/slimy/slinky -- remember, my so NOT favorite fabric -- and I thought it showed my fat lumps too much.  Phylly said they didn't show too much, and I should wear it. 

I asked her if she thought it matched the jeans I had made and ALMOST thrown in the trash.  She said she thought it did.  SOOOOOOOOOOOO, I tried on the s/s/s tee shirt and the jeans which are made in that stuff I can NEVER remember the name of, and here is what it looks like:

Here is a close up of the embroidery designs I put on the pockets.  This is the second time I've done this embroidery on the pockets.  I really like it this time because the first time I put the design on, you could see by rear end from the Moon!
Here it is!  Even has sparkles on it.  I thought is was so pretty until I put it on and looked at the back of myself in the mirror.  I decided the next pair -- above -- would be in embroidery thread the same color as the fabric.  MUCH better!
Phylly insisted this outfit MATCHED and that I should wear it.  So I made a deal with her -- which I'm sure she couldn't have cared less about -- but here was the "deal".
I will put this outfit on, and I will wear it to fix supper for Jerry.  Jerry always comes home from work while I am fixing dinner.  I told her if he says, "You aren't going to actually WEAR that anywhere, are you!!!!?", that I was going to take it off and never wear it again.  She said, "He wouldn't REALLY say that would he?"  I assured her he WOULD say that.  He also would tell me if he liked it.
I went downstairs to start supper and Phylly stayed upstairs to sew buttons on one of two blouses she has made that actually FIT her new slim, trim body so she could wear it at ETA (the classes we were going to Dallas to take). 

There she is, sewing buttons on her new blouse while wearing a shirt she made LAST YEAR.  She is in there SOMEWHERE! I'll have to find a "before" pic so you can see how awesome she looks.  I am SO PROUD of her!!!  But, I digress ....
I am standing at the stove making red beans and rice when my husband walks in from the Laundry Room.  I walked over to kiss him as I always do, and then walked away.  GUESS WHAT HE SAID?????

He said, "You sure look nice -- is that a new outfit?"  I turned my body around in a circle so he could get a real good look.  "Do you REALLY like it?", I said.  "I made the top and the jeans."  He said it looked really good and it fit me perfect.  What a GREAT feeling that is.  Jerry always tells me the truth, so I was floating sky high. 

Speaking of cooking supper for my husband, I must get downstairs and do it again.  Before I go, let me see if I can show you a "before and after losing over 30 pounds" pic of Phylly.

Here is Phylly last year.  We were modeling the Sure-Fit Designs pants we had made for Glenda Sparling.  Phylly absolutely is lost in those clothes now.  She tries to get away with wearing them, but I tell her to get RIGHT BACK HOME and start making a new wardrobe!!!
Here she is this past Saturday just before we went to breakfast at ETA.  She made the blouse from her Sure-Fit Designs pattern and she made the yoga pants from her Sure-Fit Designs pattern.  The pants were made plus 10 pounds heavier, however, so they are a bit baggy.  She is going to make some more real soon.  How AWESOME does she look though.  Wish I could do it, but it would be a shame to have to start all over on my wardrobe.



I've got to get off this chair and go jump on my trampoline.  I will be back later to post about ETA.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Twill. That is the name of the fabric you can't remember. I like those blue jeans with the yellow thread. That bling on the rear is gorgeous! Had lots of fun!
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Joy,
    I love this top. I think it is very slimming on you. I've recently started sewing again. My kids are grown, I have more time now and I can't find clothes for a mature figure. I've been reading your blog about Sure-Fit and it has me very interested. Did you adapt this pattern to your sure-fit pattern? What's your opinion of the C. Johnson patterns? I just might have to buy it. You have inspired me!
    Thanks, Linda


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