Friday, February 17, 2012

New SFD Blouse and PS Premiere School

I spent all morning working on my new turquoise blouse with princess seams.  WOW!  Are princess seams ever a LOT of work.  I think my blouse will be real pretty though when I get it done.  I am MAKING myself stop working on it so I don't screw it up because I have worked too many hours.

I was going through my drawers of patterns a few months ago, and I found this pattern that I really liked.  I bought the pattern over ten years ago, I think.  If I remember right -- since now all I have is the little picture I cut out of it -- it was a Vogue.  I don't make many Vogue patterns though, so it might not have been.  I was determined to just transfer the design to my SFD blueprint, so I threw the entire pattern away except for the picture.  That was probably a dumb thing to do.

I love the style!  I certainly won't be wearing a hat with it though.  Hats SWALLOW my head.  I kid you NOT.  About six years ago I had one of those friends I thought would be my friend forever -- I really loved her.  She was the quilter friend/neighbor I had.  She had divorced TEN husbands, so I don't let myself get too brokenhearted over the fact that she dumped me.  Now what was I saying????  Oh, yes.  Hats swallow my head. 

My friend invited me to join the Red Hat People - Red Hat Ladies - Red Hat something (?) because she had started a group in our area and she was the President or the Princess or whatever.  She informed me I HAD to wear a hat and, of course, red and purple.  I searched all over the place for a hat to fit my head.  I actually had to go to a Hardware Store and buy window insulation strips and put a strip all the way around the circumference inside the hat for the hat to stay up above my eyes and my ears!!!  I am NOT kidding!

I am trying to make myself learn how to use nicer fabric and not mess it up as well as learning how to do princess seams the Cynthia Guffey way.  So far, this is what I've gotten done.

I have three button "boxes" full of buttons.  Do you think I had even ONE button the color of this blouse?

I had these darling clear, square, sparkly buttons though, and I think I really like them.  I cannot sew them on the diagonal like that.  I just cut a couple slits in a scrap of fabric and buttoned it to the card the buttons are on.  You do realize I live in the woods with rabbits, deer, snakes, spiders and all their relatives, and there is not a single store down here that sells buttons.  The closest store would be a JoAnn's that is 45 miles away.  I think I like these buttons well enough that I won't be driving that far to find a better choice, which I might not even find then!

I will keep you posted on this blouse.  Hopefully, the rest of Marsha's padding will arrive, and I can put the blouse on her to finish it.

Now, about "School".  Because of this blog, I have started making videos.  I'm sure everyone can TELL that I've just started.  I had PS Premiere 9, but I could not figure out how to use the video software.  Since I was ordering the new PS Elements 10, I decided to order Premiere (the video editing software) also.  I decided I needed help learning it, so I ordered Learn By Video lessons. 

So far today, I have learned:

What a "clip" is.

How to cut off the beginning or end of a "clip".

How to connect videos together.

AND THE BESTEST OF ALL:  I learned how to put words on the video.  YAY! 

This is very good news because now I can go in and put WHAT I MEANT TO SAY over the words that came flying out of my mouth incorrectly. 

I also watched some Cynthia Guffey pants tweaking videos, and I learned a marvelous way to make sure the shape of the crotch curve matches mine.  This give me fits like nothing else.  I will do a Tutorial on it for you when I get some pics together, and I make sure I know what the heck I'm talking about.

I have only an hour left before I need to go fix supper for Jerry, so I better get back to my blouse or my lessons or something.  Actually, I think I will go take a walk with the cats for a bit and jump on the trampoline.  All this learning makes me fat!  I must learn how to do it while exercising.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I'm anxious to learn what the Cynthia Guffey way is for the princess seams and the cro***. Enjoy the graphics you find for your posts - so cute. (My own SFD is on its way - can hardly wait!)

  2. Yes, my dear, you must share this knowledge of the way to know if your crotch is correct. I want to know! I need to know! Please! Please! Please!
    Hugs, Phylly

  3. Ah, I've found my new favorite blog!

    1. I think I have that very Vogue pattern. And I love turquoise. Princess seams are easy, just put the more curved one on the top and let it curve over the straight one as you go.
    2. Sounds like you need to put a call into Philip Treacy and have him make you a fascinator.
    3. I do not understand why the thousands of buttons we own never are appropriate for the one garment we are constructing. Murphy's Law, I guess.
    4. I just moved from a small town in NC that was about 50 miles from a Target and 1.5 hours from any kind of a JoAnn's. Now I live 10 minutes from a JoAnn's and a Hobby Lobby. My life is now complete.
    5. PLEASE do tell about the crotch length/shape/fitting. I could be persuaded to actually make myself a pair of pants if I had this information.

    I have the old Designing with Dusan system, and I've used it for years. I don't think it's as specific as SF but I'm sticking with what I know and just supplementing. Your posts are making me itch to get my sewing room set up again (after the move) and make up another Vogue pattern I have --

    Love the videos too. Please keep them up!


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