Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday and Crotch Curve Comedy

Hello everyone on a gorgeous, sunny Sunday in southern Oklahoma.  We watched Rev. John Hagee this morning who spoke on DREAMS.  Soooooooooooo good.  How many people in the Bible had a dream:  The prodigal son -- Joseph -- Daniel.  Hagee says you should WRITE IT DOWN.  If you can't write it down in sixty words or less, then you don't even know what your dream is, according to Hagee.  I KNOW EXACTLY what my dream is, but I won't share it here since it is very personal.  I'm sure you all have your own dreams. 

I did get a brand new SFD Pant BACK drawn yesterday, and I worked ALL DAY except for Church today on fixing the crotch curve.  I have spent countless hours in the past doing this.  I really want to perfect it, but I'm not sure I can.  What I have now is a COMEDY.  I even made you a video of it so you can get a real good laugh.

Here is a picture of my FRONT and my BACK with the corrections made to match MY shape.  Phylly says I have to call it a "bowl".  If this makes sense to you, I hope you will let me know.  I am going to make up a muslin of it -- just to a few inches below the crotch -- tomorrow morning.  I can't imagine how this could possibly fit the front of me, but if I read all the directions right, it should fit perfectly.  AND if this thing is right, I have been making my crotch DEPTH almost 2 inches too long for years, and my crotch length has been too short.  I hope that someday the LIGHT COMES ON in my brain, and I can "see" this.

Maybe Glenda can help me with this, but what it APPEARS to show is that I need a lot of crotch "length" UNDERNEATH me, and not so much in a raised waistline. 

Okay.  I am in no way advising anyone to try this, but here is the pattern I'm going to try in the morning:

How do you like the FRONT CENTER SEAM?  I will soften that sharp jag a bit, but I'm going to cut it that way.  I'll show you a picture tomorrow.

Pray for me!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Okay - tell me again - why are you making another pants blueprint? Are you doing this again just because you always have so much fun or what? I'm anxious to see how that long back crotch curve works on you. I think you should have a SF weekend at your house in your sewing room - looks like you could fit about 20 of us!

  2. I have just watched your video and I love it!! How great to be so fun about sewing.


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