Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday and SFD Muslin Dress All Done

Good Sunday Morning!  Preachin' day here for us.  Rev. John Hagee was talking about lies this morning, and how many lies the younger generation has been taught to believe are true in the schools and the world.  I can certainly attest to this in my own two children.  He's not talking about the kind of lie that if your wife asks you, "Do these pants make me look fat?", you respond by saying: "Duh!!! - I'm afraid the button is going to explode and fly across the room any moment!"  You say, "No, dear, you look great in them."  He's talking about the kind of lies the world teaches such as: there is no penalty for sin -- nothing even is a sin -- no such place as Heaven or Hell -- and things like that.  But I won't get up on my soapbox about all that, or I may never come down.  Let's just say I totally agree with him.

So after church, Jerry was already a captive in my sewing room, since that is where we watch church on my large computer monitor, so he OFFERED to help fit my muslin dress on me.  Wow!  I sure took him up on THAT offer because I want to mail it tomorrow in the box with Marsha.  He is getting a little TOO GOOD at it though.  He had it fitting me like plastic wrap over a meatloaf, and I had to tell him to let up a little.  He said, "You want that dress form to be right this time, don't you???"  Well, yes, I do, but good heavens.  A lot of good it would do me if I suffocate in the muslin before I mail it to Jill at Fabulous Fit!
The muslin dress is all done, and I am here at our store right now.  I have opened up Marsha's box and put in my dress and some underwear.  I want my new dress form to be wearing all of that when she comes to me.  I actually took pictures of myself wearing only bra and panties.  I felt like a total floozy, at first, but then I thought:  Hey!  This could be a bathing suit.  It covers up all the same stuff.  So I didn't feel so horrible after that.  Watch for me on the cover of Victoria's Secret catalog!
Now, if you've known me over five minutes, you know I NEVER wear dresses, but I needed a muslin dress for this project.  It was easy to make using my Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit.

Here is my tracing paper over the SFD template in preparation to draw the front of my dress.

Here, I have finished the SFD front and back of my dress.  BUT, I still have to tweak the back for sway back and round back.  I always hate this part because it messes up my perfect pattern.

Here is a picture showing the back with both corrections done in it.  One of them fans OUT and one of them fans IN.  What a back I have!!!  Check out those grainlines!

What I do for the dart issue on the right is I draw the whole dart BEFORE I distort it -- I cut it out -- and then I have a move-aroundable dart I can just trace onto my paper pattern.

Then, I had to find some "muslin".  I didn't really have any muslin but I found this nice piece of cotton that I probably bought on sale years ago at a quilt shop. 

This fabric has a rose pattern in it, so I thought about naming my new dress form "Rose".  But I already have a chicken pincushion named Rose, and Phylly has a daughter named "Rose", so I decided that would be too many Roses.  Then I got to thinkin' about it, and I decided that since Jill at Fabulous Fit is being so gracious and generous to pad a dress form for me herself, that I want to name my new dress form Jill.  Joy and Jill -- kind of like Jack and Jill -- too cute.  Besides, that is one more "J" to add to our huge family of J's.  I have a sister that married and divorced three J's -- my other sister is married to Jon -- I am married to Jerry -- my brother is James, and my sisters are Janice and Judy.  My Mom, obviously, named all her kids J-names, and she named all her pets J-names except for three goldfish she got when we were little.  She named them Fido, Fuzzy and Fooch. 

And what does any of THAT have to do with the muslin and your new dress form???

Okay, okay!  So, I found this fabric and ironed it.  I put on my new SFD pattern, and I cut it out.

My dress turned out pretty good.  Here I am modeling it for Jill at Fabulous Fit.

I look like a giant bell.  You could pick me up by my head and ring me!

Oh well, it is nobody's fault but my own that I'm overweight.  And I couldn't possibly lose weight now because I wouldn't be able to wear all the Sure-fit Design blouses and pants that I've already made.

Look at poor Phylly.  So skinny that now, she has to make all new clothes. 

Dear Lord!!!  Do I ever look like my Mother!  Except she has wide, even shoulders, and she is thin and she has beautiful all white hair, and she looks great in dresses -- but OTHER THAN THAT.....

The Sunday pot roast is almost done.  The potatoes and carrots should be tender by now.  I'm going to run downstairs and make a salad.  We have lemon meringue pie for dessert.  We would have company over, but our neighbors don't like us.  Well, they probably like Jerry. 

Oh, oh, oh!!!  I forgot to tell  you the best part.  Phylly feels sorry for me because of the whole Marsha thing, so she is coming down here to spend the weekend with me March 10th.  How wonderful is that!? 

Gotta go.  It's suppertime.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I am about 4 months late with this comment, but . . . . you certainly have some great fitting knowledge.

    I know how to do the curved upper back adjustment, but how do you know "how much" to take out for the sway back adjustment? I suspect you probable to do the same measurments - straight vs curved?

    OK, I think I just answered my own question. Never mind! LOL


    PS You need to do a video for a sway back adjustment too :=) Nothing else on the web about the details. Only "take in a fish eye dart" across the back.

    Still don't know how to choose a profile, so I will be anonymous AGAIN!

  2. Carol,
    I do the sway back adjustment the Palmer/Pletsch way. You pin the paper pieces together on the seamlines -- just front and back -- and try it on. Make sure CF and CB and shoulder seams are all in the right place on your body. You need a sewing buddy for this. You take a tuck in the paper at the back waist UNTIL THE SIDE SEAM HANGS STRAIGHT. Measure the pinch -- mine is 5/8" -- and then just use that on all your future patterns.
    Hugs, Joy


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