Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tripod Test, SFD Blouses & What Was In That Box

I'm so excited to be meeting such nice people here on my blog.  The sweetest lady told me this morning that I was like "the sugar cube in her coffee".  I cannot begin to tell you how great that makes me feel.  There are some people in my family that would say the complete opposite of that about me, and it hurts so much.  When someone says something so sweet like that, it heals a part of my heart.  Thank You!
Jerry and I had our 37th anniversary yesterday.  We celebrated by staying at HOME -- our favorite thing to do since we don't get to be here for long periods of time.  Jerry grilled steaks and I baked a big sweet potato which we shared and sauteed broccoli w/olive oil.  Jerry cooks a steak like nobody else I know.  PERFECT!  When we go to a restaurant, I wish they would let him back in the kitchen to cook my steak for me.  I'm a pretty nervy girl, but not THAT nervy!  Plus, Jerry would swear he didn't know me.

Yes, I am here -- at home -- with the tripod!!!  I set it up this morning to figure out how it works.  I noticed a little screw sticking up at the top of it, and sure 'nuf, my camera screwed right onto it.  I stepped in front of one of my quilts to make a little video to see how it would work.  It worked okay, I guess, but the video took TWENTY minutes to download to Youtube.  Here is the first video:

It is real wiggly when I watch it on this computer.  It could be because of the oversized monitor I have.  Or I suppose there is the slightest possibility it could be the photographer. 

Anyway, I decided to try again, and I made a second video.  I got the idea that if I moved the camera CLOSER to me that it would not be as large a file, and it would download much faster to Youtube.  Did it download faster???

Not only did it not load faster,
it took OVER AN HOUR to download the second video.  Here it is:

That was it for videos for today.  Decided to just shoot some still pics of my Sure-fit Designs duck blouse (or are they geese?) and my darling pink knit blouse with "Glenda sleeves" from her new book.  I love them!

Here is the pink knit top with the 3/4 sleeves and elastic:

And here is a picture of my favorite woven blouse from the Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit.  I call this my "duck blouse" for obvious reasons.
And next is the side view showing the notched sleeve and hem.  This is a super-simple thing for me to do now, but it was like rocket science when I first did it.  Poor Glenda.  I'm sure she thought she had a certified nut case on her hands.  I would say, "HOW on earth do I do this?"  She would say, "It is so simple -- I can't believe you can't do it?"  (Not really!)   I'm sure she WANTED to say that though.  She was very patient and very nice and said as sweetly as one could say it, " Just follow the directions from the pattern you got the sleeve idea from, Dear".  Of course, if you watched the videos, you know that is Roses and Holly behind me.  It ALMOST makes me want to go back to quilting, but not yet.  Not one week before ETA.  (Education of the Textile Arts by Peggy Sagers in Dallas, Texas.  See if interested.) 
And, let's not forget.....  I have to show you what was in that large cardboard box and the two smaller boxes that awaited my arrival at my office yesterday.  Maybe I'll have time to peruse all these new books in the hotel room at ETA.  I doubt it though.  Phyllis and I laughed so much last year, I nearly stopped breathing!  And we even have matching pajamas this year!

And here is what was in the big box from Brewer Sewing:

And more books from Amazon.  What is that cookbook doing in there?!  I should have plenty to read for awhile, plus in the pic above are two new DVD's.  I have no idea who the people are that made them.  I love to learn though.  I'll let you know if they are good.  And don't you like the way I am putting that nice treadmill to good use?  Anyone need a button guage-point turner tool?  A lot of times, when I order "one" at Brewer, I receive "six".

Okay.  Gotta go.  I am supposed to be cleaning and washing and unpacking and a whole bunch of other stuff.  Better get to it.  Tomorrow, I may show you another one of my favorite exercise toys.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Happy Anniversary! I think you had Christmas a month late! I love all of those sewing goodies. You have to tell me if the Burda sewing book is any good.

    Hugs, PHylly


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