Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SFD Bow Blouse Revised and Ironed

After a good night's sleep, I ran upstairs after breakfast and did two things:

1.  I added the back waist darts into my blouse because I thought it looked a bit too full back there above my sway back.

2.   I turned on my fabulous steam iron that probably shoots steam out my chimney it is so powerful, and I ironed the bow blouse.  I also figured out that if I hovered OVER the bow -- shot it with steam -- then put my finger in the bow loop -- like a dowel rod -- and held my other hand over it while it cooled off, that my bow puffed up and it shows much better.

Phylly suggested a black bow.  I tried that, but it didn't look good at all.  Looked like a giant spider crawling on my throat.

Looks like a bow, doesn't he!

Here are some pics hot off the press.  You will notice that the blouse looks SO MUCH BETTER just having been ironed.  I am really happy with this blouse.  I wonder how many I could make, and nobody would notice that all my blouses look the same.  I have two already.

This is the front.  I like the sleeves turned up on this blouse.  Note to myself:  NEXT TIME, favor the seam line to the FRONT instead of the BACK if you are going to turn your sleeves up.

And this view shows how I added the waist darts in the back.  I did that a really neat way.  Since they were not in already, and since the marks I made for them were washed out, this is what I did. 

I measured over from center back 4 1/4 inches -- my apex from center front - and I drew a long line on each side of the center back seam.  Don't ask me why you use your apex for the back.  Peggy Sagers says everything is about the apex.  Some man, obviously, decided that!

Then I got out the back pattern piece -- I put Glenda's see through paper over the dart, and I traced it.  Then I cut it out.  Then I took my portable paper dart and put it on top of the inside back of the blouse, and I traced around it.  I lined it up with my waistline and the 4 1/4" away lines that I drew with a disappearing marker.

Check out my PUFFY bow.  My favorite part of the blouse.  If I don't quit CHOPPING MY HAIR off, I'm going to have to make some bows to wear on my head!  I always do that after I dye my hair. 

And, by the way, if you are wondering why my eyebrows are black, like Ron Somebody that I dated way back when who said to me:

"You have too much makeup on your eyebrows!",

I want to let you know that those eyebrows are all mine.  They never have matched my hair.  That is their natural color.  Guess God wanted me to be different in more ways than one, lol.  My friend, Deanna, says I'm "special" -- sounds so much nicer than "insane".

Okay, I've gotta get busy.  Phylly is coming tomorrow -- Jerry will be back home -- and Friday, we leave for Dallas and ETA (Education of the Textile Arts).  I have put 12 bags full of fabric in the Goodwill area of my garage.  I have fabric I purchased 30 years ago, and I figure if I haven't used it by now -- and I am constantly buying more -- then it should find a new home!

So, Margaret, you don't have to worry about me being like Nida.  It will never happen.  I can't stand clutter!

Have an AMAZING day!

Hugs, Joy

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